Thursday, May 12, 2011

Friday Fragments, Episode #145

***While I did not appreciate Blogger going out for a 24-hour nap, I didn't stress too much about it. As Mom would say, "It's not the end of the world."   In four years of blogging, it's never happened before, so I'm not jumping ship. I feel sorry for the poor people responsible for the mess.

***I'm not sure if this qualifies as an official fragment, but it was in response to fragments, and since I make the FF rules (yea!) I'm counting it.  Mel Fraase commented on my FF post with this:

YOU ARE A CAKE POP JUNKIE!!!! Time for an intervention. Will you make the refreshments? ;)

I also forgot to mention this gem, from Mel's fragments a couple of weeks ago, in regard to her forgetting about Spring Picture Day...
  • I think the photographer was ready to give me the Mom of the Year Award when Max sat down for his photo…..

Why, yes, that is a pig tattoo on his forehead.  And my very least favorite shirt.  Cool.

Mel, you get the award this week. Thanks for making me LOL :)   And yes, any time you want to visit, I will happily make some cake pops for you.


Hmm...I said I'd give you Relay for Life supporters a little something for helping us out. Maybe I will make some cake pops and see how they ship?! What do you think?

I figured out why I've been so cake pop crazy lately; it's because my camera is out of commission--I am just sick about not being able to take pictures; I need the outlet. I love being creative.  Speaking of cake pops, if you missed my Baby Shower Cake Pops, you really much check them out!  CUTE. CUTE. CUTE. Kendall started making cake pops this week, and she, too, is hooked! I brought one of her in to work today for a secretary who enthusiastically declared "These should be called 'Sex on a stick!' They're so good!" lol

I wrote a post this week about the "birds and the bees" talk. The comments are very entertaining; if you need to laugh, the link is here.


You didn't miss Kendall's prom pics, did you? Just in case, those are here.


I've been a member of Freecycle for about a year now. This week, I finally offered a couple of things up for the taking. Both exchanges went seamlessly and very positively! It made me feel great to get rid of some "trash" that was "treasure" to the people who took the items.

I found a really cool resource via the Kim Komando radio program last weekend. (I learn something every single time I listen to that show!) From her website... if your camera has been stolen (or lost and adopted)...

Simply upload a photo to Stolen Camera Finder. The site will pull out identifying data. It then searches the Internet for photos taken with your camera. If the thief has been using it, you can find it. That's a great starting point for getting your camera back.

Got fragments? Load 'em up!


  1. The "talk" post was great. I'm going back and reading more of the comments.

    The camera idea - strange if that would work often.

    Thanks for hosting FF - and no bitching about blogger's outage - you are so positive.

  2. The pig tattoo on the forehead is priceless and will be probably the best photo ever when he grows up. Plus think of the blackmail...Show all girlfriends!

    Camera idea is great ....better keep track of that info just in case. Not that anyone would steal my 75$ camera or anything.

  3. Your daughter is beautiful and looked amazing. How about blogger today..jeeze:(
    Pig on the forehead was certainly priceless. Happy weekend.

  4. I don't love cake pops, but I am a big fan of the Oreo truffles!

  5. Pretty cool stolen camera info.

    Word verification is asking me to type in "situp". She's either calling me flabby or slouchy.

  6. Cake pops. Yum! I have to try those.

    That's a really cute picture. Little boys do the funniest things for school pictures. My uncle's 1st grade picture is him in a white undershirt. My grandma sent him to school in a shirt and tie and by picture time, he took them off.

  7. Oh, my! Kendall looks absolutely amazing! Love the dress. :)

    I've been meaning to get onto Freecycle for , awhile now. But I never seem to do it...

    I think I was the only one not affected by the blogger "blackout"... It has been such amazing weather the last few days, I've spent it outside doing yardwork!

  8. I now have two digital cameras and my Flip so I have a back up if one goes. Too bad I didn't bring both digital cameras on my zoo trip. The one I had quit on me--battery died. I was so excited to take pictures of our first visit to the new Elephant Crossing exhibit. I had to go back twice for the pictures I wanted. Plan to post about it on Tuesday.

  9. Cake pops sound mighty good right about now :-)

    I'll have to hop on over and see Kendalls pics!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Those Cake Pops do look Yummy Maybe I should break them out for Tyler's bday!

  11. Superb portrait with nice background of flowers.

  12. I liked the Blogger outage. It's giving me more incentive to finally move to WP - though I haven't done it yet - AND I got stuff done that needed to happen :)

    LOVE that photo. Especially the pig tattoo. Thank goodness for photo retakes!

  13. Aw, thanks for the love!! I came late to the party after the "blackout" and was surprised to see Max and his pig tattoo gracing your page ;)

    All this talk of cake pops has made me want to do another batch.

    Kendall looked amazing at prom!! You make great looking kids!

  14. Fragmented is a good description of how I've been feeling all week. Can't wait to join this hop on Friday!


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