Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friday Fragments, Episode #146

Welcome to our favorite place to unload the bits and pieces flying around inside our heads; those that aren't big enough for stand-alone posts but are those we just can't let go of. Gather 'em up and share! [First time fragmenting? Click on the Friday Fragments tab above to learn more.]

***If you're like me, you're going to love this little tip. You know how every now and then, you find a blog that you love but it has a tiny font that you can't see and it drives you crazy? All you have to do is click Control and the + button of your keyboard to magnify your screen enough to see it. Repeat the steps to make it even bigger, and click Control - to take it back down to normal size. You're welcome :)

***Kyle is home for the summer, and we love it. We're always pretty happy around here, but when Kyle's home it seems like we laugh a lot harder.  He has moved his plans to study abroad to his junior year, but he has big plans to visit friends in Spain next year. His plan, in addition to his full-time summer job, is to detail cars on the side to raise plane fare. If you live near us and are willing to pay for a thorough cleaning of your car, give me a call and I'll hook you up!

***More Parents Turn to Service Dogs to Assist with Their Youths' Aspergers was a brief, interesting article I read recently. I'd love to try this with a student who blew up on me this week. I can really see how a service dog would help students with disabilities. I wish I could have one in my classroom.

***Not that I'm counting, but there are 10.5 days of school left for me.  It's been a hell of a year, and I am ready for a break.

***I don't mean to be a whiner, but I used to be able to leave a comment on a blogger blog without having to maximize the screen/box to click "Publish Your Comment." What's up with that? Hello, Blogger? Fix that, will you? Thanks.

***I am really going to miss Oprah. I hope she stays in the limelight.

***I "met" A Vermont Girl this week. She is generous, takes wonderful photos, and has a unique-looking blog that is very easy on the eyes. She also has a Get Ready Giveaway going on (which I hesitate to tell you about, because I would like to win) in which she is offering up a personalized gift made with your name (but really my name, since I plan to win it).  Alright, alright; you can enter, but please tell her I sent you, okay? (It might help my chances!)

***My friend, Kandee, lives in California. Her middle school aged (?) daughter, Carly, had a sleepover on Saturday night, and Kandee had this for a Facebook status update:

"One of Carly's friends just licked the rabbit's salt block; it's going to be a long night with these girls..."

Thanks, Kandee, for being a friend I can always count on for dry humor.

***Is there such a thing as wet humor?

***Kendall has been invited by a generous friend (and her family) to go to Hawaii two weeks in June. (Uh...yes; she's accepted.)  I'm thrilled for her (and plan to stow away in her suitcase).

What fragments have been spinning around your head this week? Feel free to link 'em up? [Sorry--This linky is for Friday Fragmenters only.  Non-FF posts will be deleted.]


  1. Man oh Man! I never had friends who invited me on vacation with them, let alone Hawaii. It's probably because Kendall is so much more well behaved than I probably was :) She's going to have a ball.

    I'm not having that problem with blogger that you are.

    I love that little increase the font size trick. I learned that one a few years ago when I got my mac. The screen was so much smaller than my desktop that I enlarged the font a lot in those early days.

    Have a wonderful 10.5 days and a glorious summer!

    Kristin - The Goat

  2. When I was a kid, I got to go with my friends family to Minnesota (thank goodness it was in the summer). Long drive. I would be jealous. I always try to set my font larger since I want to read my own post. Wet humor is gross I could find some pics but I don't really want to and you don't either.

  3. The service dogs for kids with autism reminded me of a stink that happened nearby. A child (elementary but forget what grade) wanted to bring a service dog and for awhile I think it was okay (until it met official approval) but it did not get the anticipated approval and that's when you know what hit the fan. It's been a VERY ugly battle of lawyers. My thing? Just let the kid keep the dog because he's been doing so much better since he got it!

  4. Wet humor... lol!

    Love the magnifying tip.

  5. Reading this post gave me a glimpse of what the future might be like when my boys are older. Hope your school year ends soon, sounds like your summer is going to be busy!

    I linked up today!

  6. Loved your friend's Facebook status update!

  7. Can I stow away in that suitcase too?

    Wet humor? That is too funny!

    Some people have dogs that are trained as therapy dogs and take them to nursing homes, etc. I wonder if it would be helpful (or even possible) to find someone like that to come regularly visit your class? (or are therapy dogs and service dogs so wildly different that I'm totally missing the point...I'm off to google now! lol)

    Happy Friday to you!

  8. Thanks for sharing your blog a week.

  9. I found that tip for Facebook when they changed their font size to small.

    I like to do the reverse for Tom Cruise's ego.

  10. Thanks. I didn't know about that, but my aging eyes appreciate the tip.

    I remember when my oldest daughter was in college and it was always nice to have her back home. So I know how you feel. In fact, my car could use a good detailing, but the ride up there would be a tad long.

  11. I always used to countdown the days left of school too. In fact, we used to write it on the chalkboard in our clerk typist block class. We started at 90 I think.

    Have fun in Hawaii--if you can actually fit in that suitcase!

    A service dog for your classroom would be awesome! Go for it!

  12. I teach 4th, 16 days left for me.

    Wet Humor? Remember Gallagher? Any baby in a bathtub?

    Thanks for the ctrl + tip, love it already!

    My first time, and I so needed such a venue for my bits o' thoughts.

  13. You do deserve a break I think it' been a long school year and I'm not a teacher. Hope your summer is relaxing and filled with laughter.

    I'm going to miss Oprah too I haven't watch much on the OWN network but it will never be the same.

    I wish i was your neighbor my car needs a bath in and out big time!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Wet humor would be when ya get tickled and can't hold your water!!!

    I can remember the days I'd come home from a tough day at school and just zone out in front of Oprah.

    I always get a kick outta your frags!

    God bless ya and have yourself a fantastic weekend sweetie! :o)

  15. I think you'll fit in her luggage just fine! Lucky, lucky Miss Kendall.

    I guess I'm the only one not going to miss Oprah. I still resent her for buying the Health network.

  16. Oooo-weee!! Lucky Kendall!! And bring snacks in the suitcase, and maybe a mini-fan. ;)

    And I love reading articles such as the one you linked to about service dogs. I have an friend who's 20 year old daughter has a functional, yet severe case of Autism. She has been taking riding lessons for years, and the difference they make in her life is astounding. I'm a firm believer that all kinds of animals can do great things for therapy.

    And when I saw yesterday that this Wednesday was Oprah's last show, I teared up. I've grown up with her and admire her so much, and will miss her as well. End of an era, for sure.

    Have a great weekend!

  17. Thank so much for that tip about making the font bigger!

  18. I wish I was a tiny bit closer, I'd totally have Kyle detail my van. It would be well worth the cash. I'll be in Kenosha, does he travel? Hahaha!

    I can't say that I'll miss Oprah.

    I imagine "wet" humor probably has something to do with boys/men and stupid bathroom jokes. Ugh.

    Think there's room in Kendall's suitcase for two???

  19. I've wondered too what the opposite of dry humor is.

  20. Ooooh lucky Kendall! And Kyle! Sounds like you're going to have to tend the home fires while your kids soar like I do! Josiah is headed to the Himalayas for 5 months, has already been asked to go to Egypt for 3 weeks (just 2 months after he gets home from Asia), and then is talking about spending a couple of years wandering around Africa with a friend finding ways to bless people as they go. We've been trying to urge him to finish school first but I'm beginning to think it's a lost cause! :)

  21. I need to do this, Friday Fragments! I always have thoughts that are not enough for stand-alone posts:) I did the enlarging the screen and it works. Yes Thanks

  22. Wishing you a very fast ten days until summer break!

  23. The thought of wet humor scares me somehow.....
    I'm fashionably late this week. Haha!
    I can totally see one of my daughter's friends licking a salt block. In fact, I have just the friend in mind who would do it!
    Hope you have a great weekend! Summer's almost HERE!

  24. I taught special needs children for many years in the States. One child in particular stands out in my memory as someone who would have flourished with a dog in the classroom. He was obsessive compulsive, and he could get quite upset, even violent. Thank God he was small for his age. But a trained dog would have helped us all with learning and behavioral issues that year.

  25. thanks for the tip on increasing the font size! My eyesight stinks sometimes!

    LOL @ wet humor


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