Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friday Fragments, Episode #147

Even though it's Friday (Who's not happier on Friday?), there's still a little work to be done, such as spring cleaning the cobwebs from our minds, which is what Friday Fragments is great for--Time to unload the bits and pieces that are too small for stand-alone posts but too important to just discard. Shall we?

I don't know about your neck of the woods, but in mine, stuff is finally greening up! FINALLY. It rained like cats and dogs last weekend, and today everything is so beautifully green. However....

Lisleman mentioned the problem in one of his End of Time fragments last week:

*Why cut the grass? The end is near! [Sadly, this is no longer a good excuse.]

*Why do the laundry? Don't you get fresh, white clothes in heaven?

He offered up plenty of other gems, but these really made me smile, so Lisleman, the award goes to you this week!

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Another favorite fragment I read this week came from my cousin, Lisa, who started raising chickens this year (for fun). She posted this on her Facebook wall:

Went out to feed my chickens and was shocked when they attacked my painted toenails!!! Guess they never saw me without shoes and socks and thought my toenails were treats, like pieces of strawberries, LOL....actually ouch:)

Sorry, Lisa, but that makes for a funny visual :)

When I was about 12 years old, someone paid for me to go to Camp U-nah-li-ya (YMCA camp).
It was the vacation of a lifetime. I felt so free; free to take a walk, free from chores, free from stresses at home, free from commitments. The freedom was exhilarating, and I will never forget it.
If you ever consider sponsoring a child's summer camp, don't hesitate; you can create memories to last a lifetime.

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  1. I worked at a YMCA and.......bleh, I quit the job after a couple of weeks because at the age of 17 they wanted me to work the overnight ALONE during the off season. ALONE out in the middle of the woods. Yikes!

    Lisleman made a few really good points and this reminded me of this morning when I dropped Isabella off to school and I couldn't contain my excitement of Joey's cast coming off (then it was about 27 hours) and some guy said "Hello how are you" and to the stranger I said, "Great we only have about 27 and a half hours left!" and I kept walking thinking about how great life is....I think he may have thought I was a doomsday-er. Oh well.

  2. I didn't take a shower because the world was going to end. I'll I got was being isolated from friends and family.

  3. I never knew that red painted toe nails would attract chickens - I thought they were supposed to attract men LOL

    The visual of the chickens was quite funny!

    I loved my week of summer camp. I only did it once, but I was just friended on FB by one of the girls that shared my cabin. It was FOX cabin :)

  4. When I had chickens they were always pecking my toes. They are attracted to the pretty shiny colors!
    I love the idea of sponsoring a child's summer camp, and I love your description of how much you enjoyed your experience!

  5. Two of our daughters were very active with a camp in southern WI. When are you going to open your camp WI?
    I have heard more and more about home chicken raising or roosting or whatever you call it. It comes up in suburban communities often now.

    Thank you very much for the award - it's fun to create this stuff and even better when a nice person tells others that I did a good job.

  6. The story about the chickens is too funny! I have always secretly wanted to have chickens.

    Happy Friday to you!

  7. Over the years I have sponsored lots of kids for camp. It really is a great experience! I enjoyed being a camp counselor though even more than being a camper! You should give that a try sometime! It's a blast and you'd be great at it!

  8. I never went to camp, it's just not something kids I knew did. Sounds like I missed out. Someday maybe I can help someone do the opposite. Thanks for planting that seed.

  9. I never went to summer camp but always dreamed of going. I recently learned that our church camp program has a family camp where we can all go to summer camp together. I think it would be a blast!

  10. Happy Friday! I haven't fragmented in almost a month, it's nice to be back :)

    My only two experiences with camp were complete disasters. I lasted less than 24 hours the first time (I was 7) and a week the second time (I was 14). I'm just not cut out for nature!

  11. Several of my nieces and nephews raise chickens for the eggs. What a dirty mess that have behind their house where the coop is. Yuck.

    I remember going to a cub scout camp once for a weekend, but that was my only memory of camp away from home.

  12. Camp was unheard of in my young life but I sent my kids. When my older daughter went to her first away camp she didn't want to stay. She was too homesick. Her brother and sister were too young to go and I thought she would like being special and grown up. By the next year she was looking forward to returning but that first one was iffy.

  13. That's a sweet story, Technobabe. Going to camp that first time is really tough for a lot of kids, but the sense of accomplishment for sticking it out can be a lifelong benefit. I'm glad she toughed it out! :)

  14. Not even chickens would mistake my toes for treats.

  15. I love the image of the chickens thinking that her toes were strawberries -- LOL!

    Giving the gift of camp is amazing! I am a big fan of the Fresh Air Fund which sends kids to camp each summer.

    Happy Friday. Thanks for hosting FF!


  16. Chickens pecking on toes is a funny image in my head! Yay, I am just so happy to have done my fragments on FRIDAY! Have a great weekend!

  17. Other than 6th grade camp (at the time I wasn't happy to go, fear of the unknown, I don't know.) I had never been to sleep away camp until I became a camp counselor. Being a camp counselor was amazing, so now I am the biggest fan of sending kids to camp.

    I will have to sponsor a kid. I love that story about the chickens.


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