Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Got a Minute?

See this beautiful, little guy?  

His name is Braylon, and he's only a week old, but today he is having heart surgery 
(No wonder he looks worried, huh?)  
He's a tough little cookie, though, and doctors are confident the surgery 
for Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA) will be successful.
That said, Braylon and his family could use a few extra prayers, 
should you be so inclined.

Also, I just want to give a little shout out to the Ronald McDonald House Charities 
for their incredible support of families going through difficult times like Braylon's. 
This year alone (according to their website) they will help 30,000 families!  
Braylon's mom and dad will stay at the Ronald McDonald House, 
near the hospital, during his recovery from surgery, 
free of charge or for a small fee. 
This will allow them to focus their energies on Braylon's healing.

Thanks for sending good vibes Braylon's way! :)

Update from Braylon's mom, Tina:

He's off bypass and his little heart is beating strongly on its own.  They are pacing it right now at 160 and watching for bleeding...so far, all looks good. Such relief, although we know the ride isn't over quite yet, the next few days will be crucial for sure.  Again, thank you for your prayers they have helped Braylon be one tough dude:) 

Update from Wednesday night:

...eyes opened, arms and legs moved, sedation is wearing off and fabulous kyle [nurse] is decreasing heart support meds...we'll be home by Saturday at this rate...ha..ha..ha..couldn't be happier with how well my little man is doing...prayers are working keep them coming! i'm so proud to be his momma:)


  1. Aw, poor little guy. I hope it all goes well!!

  2. Best of luck, lil guy!

  3. Saying a prayer for Braylon, his surgeons and his parents. Poor little guy. He's so cute!

  4. will be praying for him!! oh so young to have such a serious surgery!!!

    i love your header!!!

  5. Praying for that lil cutie is easy....I hope everything is a success.

  6. TGA? I'd never even heard of that. But I have heard of prayer - and the power thereof. And so I pray ...

    Good Luck, Little Buddy.

  7. Me too. Happy to add my prayers for this little trooper!

  8. Oh what a sweetheart.
    In my prayers lil man

  9. I have heard so many good things about Ronald McDonald House over the years. Let us know how Braylon is after the surgery.

  10. Blessings & luck to the little one & his family & friends:-)

  11. Your post reminds us that big corporations can be good citizens. I think much of it is done for good PR but that's OK with me. Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet come to mind when I think of philanthropy. There are many great organizations out there.

    All the best for the little guy and his family.

  12. Thinking of this lil man and hoping he stays strong.

    Also, very cool about the RMcD house. I am actually volunteering at our local one this weekend to make brunch and cannot wait!

  13. I'll add him to my prayers.


  14. Bless his precious little heart and his parents too. I've been through this. My daughter, Social Butterfly was born with a congenital heart defect and had her first open heart surgery only ten days old. It amazes me how very resilient little ones are.

    My prayers are with this little fella for speedy and complete healing. Hopefully that worried little face will turn to babblin' smiles soon.

    Thanks for the opportunity to pray for this little fella.

    God bless ya sweetie! :o)


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