Monday, May 23, 2011

Life's Little Mysteries

I found a very interesting, entertaining website the other day and spent more than an hour there, learning the answers to many of life's ponderables. The site is called Life's Little Mysteries, and I recommend it to anyone who likes learning new stuff.  For example....

To understand how some people (2%) survive when they jump off the San Francisco Bay Bridge, check out the post.  Here are several more that I found interesting:

"Twin Babies Having a Conversation" Video Explained. In case you've been out-of-the-loop and haven't seen the video, you MUST watch it; it's heartwarming as heck. Here it is:

The article explains that while the two may seem to be speaking their own "language," they are actually just modeling a highly developed skill related to the give-and-take of human conversation. Still, it's cute as heck, no?

[And yes, Lisleman and Dave, I did think of you two, especially, when I found Life's Little Mysteries; it's a great, great site for curious folks (and I'll let you decide what I mean by that, haha)  You two, especially, will love the site.]

Have fun!


  1. Already skimmed two articles, the one about toddlers' athletic skills and the one about tornadoes after just seeing footage from Joplin, MO.

    Interesting stuff. I cut myself off after those two, I have to go to school...

  2. What a great site!! Off to lose myself in it...

  3. CUTE! I hadn't seen that and am totally stealing it to send to a couple Mom-of-twins friends of mine.

  4. I needed to know where Ok came from since I use it all the time. Thanks for the info site...Cute baby language also

  5. Good find. I have bookmarked the site. Now I can speak or write with authority about quantum jumping and astral projection. Love the talking babies too.

  6. I've seen this video before and I love it!

    I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but I love your header!

  7. that is a good site (not as good as yours but good - how many points for that?)
    I took a short look and will go back for more but the subjects appear to be ones I have read about.
    I like the brief coverage of ideas like what if our moon didn't exist. They forgot one result - loony lisleman - but I do believe that we would not be in space yet if the moon was not there.

    Thanks for finding/sharing the site and thinking about your friends and readers - lisleman and dave

  8. I love how the twin on the right has the talk to the hand motion down pat.

  9. Thanks for sharing! I'm quite sure much of my valuable (not really) time will be spent laughing at this site.


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