Monday, June 20, 2011

Hawaii Hello

OMG! As I type this (and schedule it to publish on Sunday), my heart starts to race with excitement--By the time this posts, I will be in San Francisco, home of the one-and-only Unknown Mami, who hosts this weekly photo-theme, Sundays in My City! I'm not meeting UM until next week, though, so you'll have to stay tuned for that shot :) 

[Please note that our house is not empty. Plus, there's nothing valuable in it, unless you count Mr.4444 (hm), 
so don't even think of trying to rob us (and leave my husband alone, too, 
if you know what's good for you, and watch out for our vicious golden retriever, too)!]

On to this week's pics!

Kendall is still in Hawaii. 
She's been checking in with us now and then via text and sharing her photos via Photobucket. 

And this one's a favorites, of course.

The next one is a lesson for all of us about horizon lines. 
When taking a photo of a landscape (or waterscape), pay attention; try to keep it straight. 
Otherwise, the crooked horizon distracts from the subject of your photo.

Hooray! Picnik to the rescue! Use the "Rotate" button to fix it!

I love Picnik,
and I adore that shot of Kendall and her sister/friend.
What a lucky kid.

Visit Unknown Mami to see more beautiful shots from cities around the globe.


  1. I love Picnik too!

    That picture of Kendall is gorgeous! I can see why it's your favorite =)

  2. So, where's the crooked horizon?? It looks straight to me!

    Love your warning to the robbers--very funny about your ferocious dog!

  3. Beautiful shots of your Hawaii the horizon one. Have a wonderful safe travels ....give a hug to the UM family.

  4. Nice pictures of Kendall. I know you are enjoying your vacation. Hugs.

  5. Looks like Kendall is having a fantastic time!

  6. That last shot is stunning! Most definitely frame-worthy.

  7. She's not liking it at all is she! ;)

  8. the close-up one is really good.
    Will she be bringing back any macadamia nuts - those are so good.

  9. I shall take your warnings to heart and not disturb your home, husband, nor your fierce dog. I have an astigmatism, so the first horizon didn't bother me at all. Probably all my pictures are wonky. Have a great time and hug UM for all of us. It's tough to have any fun in Hawaii, so I'm glad Kendall is overcoming. Great pictures!

  10. First, that is a FABULOUS picture!! (and I love Picnik too!)

    Second, I am SO jealous that you are getting to meet UM (and that she is getting to meet you!)

  11. Wow. I love that picture! Nicely done! Also, I'm jealous of both of you!


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