Sunday, June 12, 2011


Pretty amazing shot, huh? (if I do say so myself)

Four years ago, I took these two photos on the edge of Crooked Lake,
 "God's Country," in the Sylvania Wilderness Area 
(a tiny portion of Ottawa National Forest),
right before I went off and got lost in the woods for five hours.

is the post that kicked off this blog 
It will always have a special place in my heart, 
because while I can laugh about it now, 
it was not funny at the time; my heart is in that post.  
Especially considering that Kyle and I plan to do some hiking while in California, I thought I'd revisit it.

Don't worry--I promise not to get lost.


  1. Maybe we should stick a GPS tracking device in

  2. Amazing shots .....getting lost....big reason why I don't camp, well that and bugs,snakes, bears.....murders, list goes on and on!

  3. Amazing pics!!
    Have fun on your trip. :)

  4. That's a beautiful lake picture. Getting lost in the picture is safe.

    FYI - this post showed up in the reader. Looks like your feed is working.

  5. That looks so peaceful and serine. Would love to be there.

  6. Phenominal pics (I was going to say amazing, but didn't want to overuse the word!). I could spend a hour just admiring every little object! I often visit a blog that runs a weekly meme for photographs called Weekend Reflections. Your picture would be beautiful addition to some of the photos that others send in. ( Thanks so much for sharing. Have fun hiking in CA.

  7. What beautiful photos. I'm so glad you shared them again.

    As for hiking, can you get those bands daycare workers use to keep their children together? Or, remember Hansel and Gretel and drop rocks? Maybe rocks painted with day glo paint?

    Off to read your first post...

  8. Excellent pictures. Is Sylvania Wilderness Area near Watersmeet?

  9. beautiful pictures. It's always nice to get lost for a little while. Just turn your GPS on when you get ready to come back. :)

  10. Thanks. I think this reminded me that there can be beauty in our troubles.

  11. Those pictures are gorgeous. If you're interested, there is a weekly meme for reflection shots that gets hundreds of entries.

  12. THose are great shots! I read your post on getting lost, I was on the edge of my seat! I hate, hate, hate getting lost, especially if I am driving, I panic and cry, it is really bad, almost a phobia of sorts! THe last time I got lost, I went the wrong way on an unfamiliar freeway, and had Hayden with me and the little ones, we had just dropped Ponch off at the airport. I started to panic and cry and Hayden just laughed, he said he loved being lost! I on the other hand was mortified and had to call my dad, yes, my dad, to get me on the right freeway and home!

  13. Very professional looking photos. I love the top one - reminds me of Leech Lake, Minn. and surrounding lakes.

  14. Those are some extraordinary shots! What beautiful views.

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