Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Very "Chill" Chiller

Do you know of that show, called Shark Tank, in which wannabee entrepreneurs put their hearts and souls on the line to pitch their ideas to a group of investor "sharks," who then fight over the opportunity (or let it go)? We love that show and are always rooting for the underdogs with great ideas.  Last weekend, at the mall, I encouraged a lady who owns a mom-and-pop business to try out for Shark Tank; they really have a great idea!

Sue and her husband have been selling Dips-n-More for many, many years; they're a familiar booth at the local mall and have a thriving business of on-line orders as well. They make a Cheese-e-Head Bacon Dip (among others) to die for, so that's what I was buying when I stopped at her booth.  I thought it would be a nice little "Thank you" gift for a friend who's consented for invited Kyle and me to stay with her family for part of our California vacation. (Shhh! Don't tell Kandee about the gift!)
Sue's product that I think Shark Tank would like is simple, yet ingenious:  the "Dip Chiller." 
Here it is, with three of their best-selling dips (remember, don't tell Kandee!) 

The small container fits neatly inside the larger container...

  ...which you then add water to and put it back together before freezing.

Leave a little space at the top for expansion...

After that, make the dip. It's easy--simple ingredients...(no msg, all natural ingredients), 
and you can whip it up on your deck!

 For the Cheese-e-Head Bacon dip (and many others), all you need is sour cream and mayo (the real stuff). Stir it all together....

Then, just refrigerate until the chiller is frozen and you're ready to serve the dip in it.

How cool is that!? I especially like the chiller because it's light, easy to clean, and inexpensive, at $7. If you order here by June 19th, you can get the awesome chiller set-up and four dips for $20. ("Like" them on Facebook to find other special offers.) Dips-n-More dips are great as snacks, with pretzels or crackers, but you can also use them as spreads with subs, wraps, and other sandwiches. Dips-N-More sells dips that are savory, sweet, and spicy (the fruit dips are also amazing!).  I highly recommend them, as they are delicious, but also because when you buy them, you're supporting a small business run by really nice people who need to get their Dip Chiller product on Shark Tank!

Note: I love these dips and paid for them (and the chiller for Kandee) myself.  However, Sue did give me a second chiller for my own use, so that I could use it and give my opinion about it. Thanks, Sue! :)


  1. Wow that is really cool! I'm a dip girl.....sold!

  2. Great idea! I could see using this for a few other food items too.

  3. That actually is a darn good idea!

  4. Kandee says thanks - oh scratch that.
    So if I understand this correctly - this is cold cooking? That is a great approach for hot summer days. Does this small company make the mixes? I'll check out their website. When is your dips-n-more party?

  5. Outstanding idea! And timely, too! I'll be checking out the website after this! Thanks for the info!!

  6. That is a vey clever idea. I can see where it would be useful for many different kinds of recipes.

  7. Yes, Lisleman, they make TONS of dips. I've tried several,and they are terrific. You know, a party is not a bad idea! I'll put you on the guest list if I have one!haha

  8. I seem to recall a product with the same idea being sold by Pampered Chef a few years back.

    I do watch Shark Tank from time to time- it's funny when there is a product they really don't like but I'm wishing someone would market it!!

  9. You have such great taste, so if you say this is good, I believe it.

    I am excited for you to have an adventure in CA. And I want to hear all about it.

    Please give Unknown Mami a big hug from me.


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