Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Is this a cool photo, or what?!

Mr.4444's dad, Bob is the handsome dude in the shades. His mom is to his left. 
I'm not sure where exactly the photo was taken, but it's either Lake Michigan or Florida! 
(Judging from the palm in the background, I'm guessing Florida. They lived there when they first got married.)
Grandpa 4444 passed away in 2003, but he's never too far from our memories.

Photos like these are nice; they remind us that our parents were cool at one time.

[photo made possible by Grandpa 4444 and Memory Hub, which I used to convert recently-dug-up slides. Stay tuned for more blasts from the past.]


  1. Great colors from that slide. Looks like it was taken today. Post more and thanks for the Memory Hub link!

  2. I need to do something with my old photos, slides and VHS tapes. In my spare time that is.

  3. Pretty cool retro-pic. Almost looks like a scene from Madmen.

  4. Oh goodness, I love it!!! Very cool parents!

    We've got a few million slides from my grandparents and Uncles. I've been wanting to go through them, but am afraid of the amount of time it will take LOL Actually, the slides aren't in my possession, so I will have to take a trip to visit them!


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