Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Easy Canvas Prints Review and GIVEAWAY!

I take a lot of photos, but for some reason, I almost never print them out! My computer is full of digital photos (Yes, I have them backed up.) So, when I was contacted by Easy Canvas Prints about reviewing their product, I figured, "Why not?"  I had a couple of beautiful shots of the kids from this summer, so I ordered 8 x 10's of two of my favorites. I was given one for free, but I figured I couldn't get just one of the kids' photos in canvas--(The other would be hurt!)

Kyle's arrived first...

The photo of the canvas doesn't really do it justice (too bright), but the colors on the actual canvas are really beautiful.  The most notable thing beside the content of the photo is the texture of a canvas print; in certain light, you will notice it quite a bit. It you're going to be shining a spotlight on your canvas or staring at it from less than arm's length, you will be distracted by the texture. However, up on the mantel or from a natural distance, the texture lends a unique characteristic that I like a lot.

Here's Kendall's (which arrived a few days after Kyle's). Keep in mind, this photo is taken just a foot-and-a-half away from the canvas. I just wanted you to see the texture.

 Here's a shot of them from a natural distance away, as well as on our fireplace mantel (maybe 3 feet away).

And just so you know, Kendall was lying on a bright pink beach towel, so yes; 
the photo is pinkish, but I liked it that way, so I did not adjust the color.

Megan, from Easy Canvas Prints, was terrific to work with, 
but I really didn't need a lot of help; the site is very user-friendly. 
Easy Canvas Prints was rolled out last January, and the company prides itself on excellent customer service, as well as quality prints and competitive prices.
I have not shopped around for canvas prints.
In case you're curious (and I know you are), I paid $33.53 for Kendall's 
(including free shipping and the 25% discount available to everyone right now).
My only regret is that I didn't order stands for my prints, but I'm guessing there's an easy fix for that.

And NOW!
You can enter my  GIVEAWAY to earn a FREE 8 x 10 canvas print with .75" edge!

You do not need a blog to enter, but you do need a Facebook account. 
There are THREE ways to enter:

1)  "Like" Easy Canvas Prints on Facebook using this link. THIS ONE IS REQUIRED.
(Leave a comment to let me know which FB username is you!)

2)  Tweet a link to this giveaway using the following text (one entry only):

Got some great summer shots? Enter to win an 8x10 @EasyCanvas Print from @mrs4444 http://tinyurl.com/mrs4444 

(no need to send proof of your tweet--I'll see it easily if you use the text provided)

3) Link to this giveaway in a post on your blog and share the link to that post in a comment here.

Giveaway ends Sunday, July 30th at 10pm.

Fine Print:  LIMIT: three entries total, per person (one FB, one tweet, one blog-mention)  
Directions must be followed, so if you don't do #1, the others won't count.
United States delivery addresses only. (sorry)

P.S. You're welcome to pay the difference between the 8 x 10 print and a larger one if you win.


  1. Those really are quite beautiful! Of course, with subjects like that, how can you go wrong?

  2. They came out gorgeous.
    When I got mine done, I found a stand for it at Target with the frames.

  3. I couldn't have said it any better than Kori!

  4. I am Ellen Stewart (Ellie Seaman) on facebook. This is my only entry.

    Brad and I just had some good photos taken, so if I don't win, this is something to consider for one of those, but which one...?

  5. I really would love this! I have been trying to find a good canvas company to print a few from my wedding, and a few nature shots I've taken! Thanks for sharing about them!

  6. I never win anything so I'm not entering the contest, I just wanted to let you know that your canvas photos are gorgeous!

  7. Those look great! What beautiful children you and Mr. 4444 make!!

    It should be no surprise to you that I also have thousands (yes, you read that correctly) of pictures on my computer waiting to be printed. Now it's just too daunting!

  8. I like them as "Desconocida Mamirez"

  9. I'm thinking of opening a twitter account now! I liked the page on FB as Jenny Webb Davis... Then I'll mention you in a blog post! I wanna win!!! My girls NEED to be put on canvas... And if I don't win , I will consider ordering anyway. our prints look fabulous! Thanks for the give away Mrs. 4444's.

  10. Here's my post link!


    Thanks again for hosting the contest :)

  11. Not "our prints look fabulous" ??? it's suppose to be YOUR prints look fabulous!" ...ooops

  12. And the winner is.... Ellen! Congratulations!! I'll email you the deets. Thanks for participating, everyone! :)


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