Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lip Dub Love

Last week, I participated in a chat on Twitter called #6thchat. I just stumbled upon it and joined in, and I'm so glad I did, because it led me to some fantastic resources and people in my field who are inspiring and interesting. One of the things I learned about is not just for teachers, is exciting, and FUN. It's called a "lip dub."

What's a lip dub? A lip dub is kind of like a music video, only for regular people like us. The core concepts are...

*A continuous video (not all spliced together) of a large group of people lip-syncing to a song.
*The original recording is then dubbed in to match the lip syncing.

I was intrigued, and I explored, finding this inspiring post and some inspiring lib-dubs created by schools, cities, and communities all over the globe. Every single one I watched made me smile, but I'll share one of my favorites here.  It's from a high school with a lot of school spirit and amazing levels of leadership and cooperation. (I have no idea what the "Scavenger Hunt" reference is about, but that's not important.)

"Hey, Soul Sister" was made by college kids and is one of the best lip dubs I've seen:

This one is from the community of Grand Rapids, Michigan, in an effort to bring visitors to their community. It has almost four million views on Michigan Radio's YouTube channel and even offers The Making of the Grand Rapids Lip Dub for the curious.

A bunch of dedicated, sweet young grade schoolers from Winecraft Elementary School made this one. (Those kids were so stinkin' cute.)

Making a lip-dub requires an intensive amount of organization, planning, and leadership from passionate, responsible, inspiring people (not to mention equipment and a steady hand on the part of the videographer). What a huge undertaking! What you can obviously see, though, is that a lip-dub brings people together, not only entertaining others, but creating a sense of unity and growing collaboration skills in the participants. I love this concept!!

I never thought I'd say this, but it's July, and I'm actually looking forward to school starting!  You know what I'm thinking, don't you?  Oh, don't you worry--I will NOT be leading such such an effort.  It would be soooooo difficult/time-consuming/frustrating/fun/exciting/wonderful... STOP!  I'm NOT going to do it!!  (I know my limits!)  

However, I am definitely hoping to be part of one.  


  1. What a phenomenon! I've seen the Grand Rapids lip dub and it's amazing! It's kind of the "Opposite" of web-crawling, since it requires such cooperation and people contact in the real face to face sense. I love it. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for sharing now that you showed me them I spent time on youtube looking at other ones.
    Did you see this one
    I hope the link works. It's so cute

  3. so the link doesn't work let's try again.


    youtube enter clarklipdub

  4. Those fifth graders were inspiring ! What an exciting final product! And a great way to make a final product for a study of the decades. Lots of work and amazing!

  5. I think the Kardashian family did one to a Katy Perry song. They are just so talented. :P

  6. This is a fun concept and one that obviously needs a prohject manager and creative manager and a tech manager. It would be fun to put one together...I think.

  7. thanks for introducing me to lip dup. I watched one of your finds over on google+. The Grand Rapids one is amazing. What a production that was with the whole city involved and a helicopter at the end - wow.

    I think doing one at a retirement home would create a great one.

  8. WOW! That was so fun to watch! I do think that you would be fantastic at coordinating this type of effort AND that you would have a blast! Cool stuff :o)

  9. That's just super cool! I can imagine it was incredibly organized, especially to the degree that the college kids did. That's HUGE!!

  10. The Today Show group has done a couple - looks like a lot of fun. I think you should just do it :)

  11. You seem to fall into the most interesting and fun places! I have not heard of Lip Dub, but now that you have introduced me to it, I am so excited. It's amazing and yes, a lot of planning and organization needs to go into it. I've forwarded this post address to our drama and choir departments.

    I've heard of teachers using lip sync to encourage kids to get up in front of a group. What's great is that one need not have a vocal talent, or write their own stuff!

    Thank you for sharing this!

  12. Here's the link to the first Today Show lipdub:

    They did another one on Meredith's last day...

  13. I've never heard of this, but gosh darnit it seems cool. In the beginning you said it was like a music video for normal people, well it sure resembles production quality to me. Seems like it'd be sooooo hard to get everyone on the same track, but seems so rewarding.

    You should SOOOOO do one with your class.

  14. That is really cute. But no, too too too early to think school for us.


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