Sunday, July 31, 2011

Funny Monday

Good Monday morning to you! Today's topic is urination. Yes, peeing, simply because I found this awesome post and thought it would be a nice, light start to your week. I give you...

12 Important Reasons Why Boys Need to Pee in the Woods, found on the 12 Most blog.

And because I know some of you want to see this again, I give you my infamous You Go, Girl post with accompanying demonstration video! (Feel free to skip to the video--It's the best part.)

Have a wonderful week! :)


  1. Hey, I posted about the Go Girl too! Awesome.

  2. So funny - as the mother of two boys (and the wife of a husband) I am very aware of their need to pee outside. lol

  3. Too funny....on long road trips with no rest areas in sight I'm jealous of boys. My sister bought the You go girl for long road trips and skiing!!

    When we lived in Germany you came upon boys peeing at bus stops, men peeing around the corner in the city...I think culturally it was acceptable.

    Have a wonderful Monday!

  4. hello mrs 4444, i enjoyed the 12 reasons and agreed with each one:)

  5. read your comment over there - fun post - I can't imagine writing lisleman in the snow.
    I'm sure you would agree that peeing in the woods is much different than peeing on your neighbors bushes.

  6. OK, so I'm looking for someone who can explain to me why I've never had to worry about my boys (who pee sitting down) peeing on the toilet seat....yet my girl not only hoses the seat, but her self, her clothes, the floor and on occasion even the wall across from the toilet!! I mean to tell you that girl can PEE!!!

  7. Hey! maybe if I get her a Go Girl it'll at least help to contain the mess!!

  8. Love 12 Most! I just recently discovered it.

  9. That Go Girl video is the BEST!!

    The post about peeing in the woods is great too. Very good points.


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