Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sundays in My City: Door County

It's hot everywhere, and Wisconsin is no exception, but here's what happens when you add humidity:

(This is at 7am.)

I know, right?

Thankfully, when I took Kendall and her friends camping, the humidity and heat had lessened,
and I got to enjoy a beautiful, solitary hike at Peninsula State Park, on Wisconsin's Door County Peninsula.
The hike is called Eagle Trail.

To me, Nature shares so many metaphors for life.
Take this tall pine (or cedar, maybe?), for example; it has very little to hang onto 
but it is still tall and beautiful, hanging on for dear life.

There was also this high-rise apartment building, 
in which I'm sure there there are plenty of interesting tenants.

The sheer cliffs on Eagle Trail are fascinating. 
"400 million years old," (??) they are made from limestone.
Dark and scary in spots, they made me curious,
but I was hiking alone--I didn't want to get lost in some cave and disappear!

Fortunately, there were plenty of other hikers about,
and a nice young woman took this shot for me.

If you take this hike, be prepared to be tempted to look up while you walk.
 Don't--It's dangerous. Stop, and take it all in slowly. 
It's beautiful, and the hike is only a two-mile loop, so you'll have plenty of time.
(Two hours is nothing compared to 400 million years, you know.)

The enormity of the cliffs will make you feel small.

I was tempted to start climbing (you know me!) but of course thought better of it.

Still, I was so curious about what might be up inside that cave.

On a paper I read, this hike was described as "Difficult," but it didn't say why. 
The reason is not that it has huge gains in elevation or anything 
(though my heart did get thumping an the ascent in the last few minutes), 
but because the terrain is rough;
 it wouldn't be a bad idea to wear hiking boots if you're worried about turning an ankle. 
And I suggest you leave Grandma and Grandpa back at the car, 
unless they are sure-footed; there are lots of rocks and twisted roots like this....

 Just as in life there are many obstacles that present themselves plainly, 
but it doesn't mean you don't have to be careful
or wear real shoes. 
(Flip-flops are not recommended for this hike.)

I highly recommend the Eagle Trail hike at Peninsula State Park.
I also highly recommend you visit Unknown Mami
to see plenty of other sites from around the globe.


  1. In my wilder and crazier days I would have tried to climb up to that cave.

  2. Absolutely a beautiful park. Great pics from the day's walk. I would also carry a cantainer of oxygen to assist in breathing during those rapid upward climbs. Wonder what is in that cave high up the face of the cliff? Probably untold riches.

  3. Maybe it's difficult because you need to dodge falling rocks. Probably a good thing you didn't venture into the cave because you don't like spiders and they like caves.
    So what's with the girls - sleeping in I bet.

  4. Wow what a beautiful hike. I would be tempted to look up.

    I can't believe how humid it is there, yuck! I complain when it's barely humid at all here. But I'm a soft Californian. ;-)

  5. I so like the high rise tree. Hubby and I have been watching a series on birds by David Attenbury (PBS). Do you know him? He is awesome. Each show was beautifully done and the photography is astounding. In some parts of the world the birds live in trees like the one you have here. We liked this series so much we are going to start all over at the beginning and watch the series all over again, one show each day while we eat lunch.

  6. Love it. I love the tree pictures, especially the one hanging so precariously.

  7. Gorgeous pictures, I hike looks hard! I haven't hiked in years unless I can count taking my daughter's laundry up to her room....I'm winded sometimes! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. Your pictures are gorgeous! Not a hiker, but I sure could appreciate your journey! Thanks for sharing!

  9. That looks like a great hiking trail! Good for you and all your photos are wonderful.

  10. awesome I want to hike there =)

  11. How lovely! Makes me almost not hate nature. :)

  12. Beautiful pictures! I can certainly see why you had such an enjoyable time there.

  13. Looks like a beautiful hike! My daughter is on a plane this morning headed to Green Bay... I told her to wave to you as the plane landed :)

  14. Beautiful pictures. I've wanted to visit Door County ever since it was featured in Country Living years ago.

  15. Stacy, you should go! It has a lot to offer, especially if you have a boat and a wallet full of cash for shopping. I have neither, and I had a great time anyway :)

  16. Lovely pics. I got sweaty just thinking about that humidity. It's been humid here (not as bad) and I can't handle it. BTW You look super fabulous while hiking.

  17. DO NOT ever get lost again. That post still freaks me out.

  18. Incredible photos. I'd love to go hiking there...maybe not in your heart...but someday. Nature is truly amazing.

  19. Beautiful - we visited Door County once years ago with my husband's grandparents, but only saw the tourist shops - if we ever go back, I hope we can visit this area!


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