Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Remembering Bob

I love that Grandpa 4444 (Mr.4444's dad) was an avid photographer. 
We would miss him all the more without the gems he left behind in those boxes full of old Kodak slides.  These three, in particular, tell you a lot about his sense of humor, for example.

This one's from their honeymoon (probably used a tripod).

(And no; he didn't. I told you he was funny, not stupid!haha It was his honeymoon, after all; think about it.)

Who does that (gets poster board to make a sign like that while passing through Georgia
 on his way to Florida with the family)?  A guy with a sense of humor; that's who.
(Yes, that is Mr.4444, the boy)

Missing and loving you, Bob.

Photos made possible via photo slide converting service from Memory Hub
which gave me 100 free slides (out of the 447 slides I had converted)
in exchange for one post about my experience, 
which was obviously great.


  1. great treasures - the fishing trip sign is just too honest.
    It could of read "we dunk drunks".

  2. Too funny! I love the last one...I guess we know where your hubby gets his humor from!

  3. What a wonderful sense of humor. Going through life enjoying everything he could and sharing with others too. No wonder Mr 4444 knows how to have fun.

  4. Thanks for that! A great lesson here. Document your fun!!!

  5. Such a nice tribute! I see so much of Bob traits in your family and that is a beautiful thing. :)

  6. I think Steve Martin might have liked him - a Wild and Crazy guy!

  7. What beautiful (and hillarious) memories!

  8. Another batch of great old time photos. The sun glasses are back in style.

  9. Pretty darn awesome, I'd say. I've got a couple of boxes of slides in the basement. Your post reminded me that I have to go through them. Thanks!

  10. Those are funny. Great to have those special pictures.


  11. Priceless photos, Barb! He certainly did have a sense of humor! He also had to do a bit of planning and wait for those photos to get developed. Photographers in the digital age have it SO much easier.

  12. Awesome! It's definitely a treasure! I hope you've saved up enough to get the rest converted!!

  13. those pics are hilarious!! you gatta love those family members that can make you laugh for years!!


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