Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Purple Rain and Otherwise

Until last week, in California, I had never in my life seen a purple tree. 
It was like being in a Dr. Seuss book or something, really; 
it delighted me to walk along and see the lavender blossoms falling gently. 
I suppose the homeowners grow tired of them, but I sure didn't.

California 2011 II,Oceanside,flowers,Jacaranda

Obviously, everyone's not interested in flowers, but I took enough flower photos on my trip
to merit their own album, so I thought I'd one or two with you today.

California 2011 II,Oceanside,flowers

In case you're interested in seeing any more of these up-close, the whole album, can be found here.

Here's hoping that the only rain you see today is the kind that makes you happy :)


  1. Gorgeous colours!

    There's a jacaranda tree in my mum's front yard, I used to climb up into it with a book to read when I was little.

  2. Everything but the fragrance! Nice work.

  3. Love that tree!

    And the flowers. I love flowers. Your collage of them is spectacular.

  4. I have felt the same way each time I've been in CA. It's like falling into Whoville!

  5. That purple tree is beautiful! I really love your collage too!

  6. These are all so pretty. A wonderful collection. They would be lovely as notecards.

  7. Jacarandas! My favorite!

    They usually bloom for mother's day and stay purple until mid-summer. I LOVE that you were in my old stomping grounds and saw my favorite trees!

  8. I love flowers. I'm glad you found so many to take pictures of.

  9. It appears a couple of readers have id the tree. Maybe another name for it is "smoke tree" or maybe these trees I took some pics of in So Cal are just related.
    Here's the link to the post with the pics
    CA does have great scenery and vegetation. great pics

  10. That purple tree is beautiful. Wisteria?

    I hope you had a grand time in CA. We lived in SoCal for 5 years while my hubs was getting his PhD.

  11. They are all so beautiful; especially the purple ones...

  12. We have two Jacarandas in our backyard. Its a little too hot for them in Arizona so the flowers are short lived but pretty.

  13. Stunning colors...almost like Wisconsin in the Fall.

  14. Great floral collage. Good way to display them.


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