Thursday, August 11, 2011

Friday Fragments, Episode #158

Welcome to Friday Fragments, where we unload the mental miscellany from our minds to relax for the weekend.  First time here? You're more than welcome to link up your own fragments! (FF specifics can be found by clicking the tab above.)

*I am so, so sorry for the mess-ups with the linky last night and with the funky order of posting. I was very distracted by some terrible news about my student (who got hit by a car on the 29th and is now not expected to recover), as well as by a couple of other things, and I goofed it up). Thanks for understanding.

*If you're wondering where I've been lately, I've been getting ready for school. As I type this, I reek of kittens, puppies, cigarettes, and filth. Can you guess why?

*I received an email this week from a young, teacher-guy who is trying to get a game off the ground and looking for exposure. I watched Joe's promotional video out of curiosity and agree to help him get the word out, because it looks like fun to me. I also read his bio, and it turns out he is not just some clown (no offense, Lisleman) who sits around playing games (or giving the Jersey shore a bad name)--He is a teacher with an award-winning, educational game called The Merbs, which helps kids get motivated about school work. Please consider supporting Joe's project, either PR-wise or financially.

*Brainella introduced me to the music of 2Cellos last week. They are two hot, young men (What?! They are!) who play rock music on their cellos, and they are phenomenal at it. Wow! Since she shared Welcome to the Jungle, I will share Smooth Criminal:

*A home visit--That's why I reek of poverty right now. The sad part is that it was all at one house (four hours ago), and I never even went inside.

*This photographic essay, Where Children Sleep, by James Mollison came to me by way of Jene's Google+ post. The photographer took snaps of children and their bedrooms, all over the world.  It's very powerful and well-done. (Thanks, Jene.)

*I read an article this week about how flashmobs are evolving (in some cities) away from just-for-fun entertainment to "Let's-cause-some-trouble" (as in the riots in Tottingham, England). At the end of the article, a police chief suggested that instead of for trouble, kids might organize to do a flashmob of something positive, such as cleaning up a park. Isn't that a great idea?! I can also see a flashmob at a nursing home or something like that; where a mass of kids come and sing some old-time melody that fills the old folks's heart up with love and nostalgia. I would love to be a part of something like that.

*If you haven't been here lately (I understand). Here's what you missed this week and might want to check out:  Videos of Kendall's "special" trick or Cooper, in What Dogs Do When They Retire. I also posted a cute story about my mom, so if you haven't had your Elsie-fix in a while, you can check out Elsie Mae, the ARP?!

*I met Kris Schirmer this week, when he shared my Colorful Massage audio post on Google+. (How nice was that?!) I haven't listened to it in about two years, so I tuned in again and LMAO. The story was written by my sister, Michelle (when she had a blog), and she graciously allowed me to record it. If you've never heard the story, I highly recommend listening, or heck--downloading it to your mp3 player! Be careful, though, you might fall off your bike/elliptical machine. [Write/reader not responsible for accidents that may occur.]

*I just received a message from a co-worker about our student who was hit by a car on July 29th. The news is not good. Only a miracle will help now. If you're the praying type, please pray for Brennan's family.

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  1. The whole violent teen flash mob is disturbing, yet sadly, not surprising.

  2. actually one of the other things my son shared with me was about the riot in England but i did not share that. it is sad to hear the latest news about the student that was hit by a car. and the video is amazing, i am getting accounted again and they have become unforgettable.

  3. I've been looking for FF all night! Did you mean for the Cooper post to appear above it?
    Love the cello video.
    I can only imagine how home visits must be. =/
    I'm praying for the injured student!

  4. Love the nursing home flash mob idea! Might have to suggest that to my daughter's school.

    Prayers for Brennan and his family.

    Will check out the hot men, I mean the cello video.

  5. That home visit condition is sad. I think people too often spend the little money they have on not the best things. At least not the best things in the eyes of others not in their situation. People just give up or don't know any better.
    I checked Joe's ping pong game - didn't seem very educational but that kickstarter site is very interesting.

  6. I enjoyed all your posts this week! There was an article in the Cleveland PLAIN DEALER not long ago about a flash mob of teens doing some painting for the elderly and some other nice things too. They were from several different states! They broke into groups of 10 with 1 skilled adult worker for each group.

  7. I went to link mine up but it says the linky list is now closed so here's mine:

  8. What? The Linky list is closed??/ Oh the HORROR!

    Here's mine: Friday Fragments: Really and Truly Fragmented

    Continued prayers for Brennan's family. I'm sure this is really hard on the whole community.

    I, too, have been getting ready for school. Work Days start Wednesday!

    A friend of mine has been posting 2 Cellos all over facebook. Fabulous!

  9. Omg I laughed so hard at your sisters colorful massage....too funny!
    I'm praying for your's so sad.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  10. since the linky is closed, I'll just post here too:

  11. Here ya go

  12. Ooops... its closed? Quick Friday Fragments :) haha!

  13. Here's my link

  14. Lots of problems with Flash Mobs in Philly.

    Friday Fragments

  15. The Linky is closed? Awww! I was going to link up. I still have my friday fragments on my blog. Check it out.

  16. The linky may be closed but the comments are open for business! Ka-Chow!

  17. Hmm, the linky must have confused the day :-(

    I don't know if I could do home visits, I am not patient at all. Hubby has had to do them and there are such horrible home out there :-(

    I have not been reading much this week, but I will happily read up today when kids are doing chores. I am looking forward to the laughing ;-)

    Fraggin on Friday

  18. oh, and if anyone likes the strings version of rock Apocalyptica does some great versions!!! i love their metallica stuff!!

  19. The Cello Boys are so impressive. I love it. I have to have the CD. :)

    School for us starts Monday. I'm not sure any of us are ready yet!

    I'm so sorry about Brennan. I'm praying for a miracle.

    Book will be mail to you soon. Story about that later. :)

  20. I'm sorry to hear about your student. So sorry! I hope there is a miracle! It can happen!

  21. i am so sorry your student is not recovering. that is terrible!!! we are praying for him.

    i also understand the linky thing. we understand and are pretty loyal ;-) we all just rolled with it, wasn't that funny??

  22. I am so sorry to hear about your student. I am praying for the family.

    That video is great.

    I remember the Colorful Massage audio post. SO funny!

    I've seen those Where Children Sleep pictures. Very powerful.

    Happy Friday to you.

  23. The whole mob scene thing is just so awful for me [this is how my brother was killed] I sure hope our mayor in phila has some success with the curfews he has set.
    I am so sad about the student who was hit by a car..Many prayers for him and his family.

  24. so sorry to hear about your student ..I will say prayers for the family

  25. 'Where Children Sleep' is definitely on my to-get list!

  26. I didn't have time to participate this week but wanted to pop in and say hello. Summer went way too fast this year! Can't believe it's already time for back to school! I am so sorry to hear about Brennan. Praying for those who love him!

  27. I am so sorry to hear about your student.


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