Thursday, August 11, 2011

What Dogs Do When They Retire

Some say dogs live pretty boring lives.

They spend a lot of time sitting around, waiting for something interesting to happen,

and our Cooper is no exception.

Of course, there is the occasional playful squirrel...always too high to reach
(even out of camera reach in this case)...

But if you think Cooper has nothing on his mind in this photo,

you are quite mistaken.

He sits like this every day, and no, he's not waiting for the mailman, the paper boy, or the FedEx guy.

Aw, heck--I'll show you...

I know, right?! 

This dog waits every day for the neighborhood kids whose mom takes them for rides through the neighborhood to cool off.

If he's not outside when they go past,
the kids sometimes stop by and ask,

"Can Cooper come and play?"

At the vet this week, I learned that Cooper is 66 in "human years."

When I texted that info to Mr.4444, he replied, "That explains the golf cart!"

[Note: Kyle is driving the golf cart in the video (which I shot on two different days, due to the humidity doing funky things to my camera and such), because the mom who usually drives would only consent to photos without her. (Hey, cut her some slack!--Would you like to see yourself on the internet, having spent all day with these kids?!lol  Just kidding--Only two are hers.)]

For another funny Cooper video, see Best Lei'd Plans.


  1. Now that was one of the cutest videos I've seen in a good while. Love Cooper -what a pretty old man he is. (Maybe I should call him handsome and distinguished, huh?)

  2. That's funny. BTW if you have time to update this post you should add the link to Cooper on the treadmill - another Cooper Classic.
    Oh nice golf cart - wow that would set you back a little.

  3. Awwww, that is sooo cute :) Lisa R.

  4. I love it! And your hubby comment about the age and golf ...hahaha so true! Awesome Golf cart it's the Cadillac of all Golf Carts!

  5. it is a most adorable story, and cooper is a most adorable dog. i enjoyed it.

  6. That's the dog that defines 'mans best friend'

  7. What a treat that was! You just gotta love Cooper! :)

  8. That's quite a troop on the huge golf cart; never seen one that big! Cute how Cooper waits for them.

  9. That was so cute!!! I love that he was so focused on watching the road that he barely glanced at you when you called his name!

  10. this is lislemans sister i liked the dog post. thanks

  11. Chiativity-For the record, I didn't say he was OLD :) I said he was RETIRED.heehee

    And BTW, that golf cart is your tax dollars at work (stimulus money-related, I'm told).

  12. I want his retirement plan!!! Your dog is great!! What a sweetheart, and I bet the kids love it too!!


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