Saturday, October 15, 2011

Busy Weekend

It's been a very busy weekend, so far! I helped set up an event at the high school after school yesterday, served as "Bingo Goddess" last night, and spent much of today making these for a bake sale tonight:

Hope you're having a sweet weekend! :)


  1. I had cake pops at our Women of Wonder (WOW) meeting at church this week. They shared the recipe and instructions on how to make them but I wasn't interested in that part. I just like eating them! YUM!

    (I did pay attention to how to make a baby blanket without sewing. Figure I could use that info. for baby showers.)

  2. Cheers from North Texas and a Middle school Science teacher/ nature photographer! Discovered you & your blog through G+ and what an upbeat & cheerful soul you seem to be! Glad to "meet" you here !


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