Thursday, November 3, 2011

Friday Fragments, Episode #170

Mommy's Idea

Welcome to Friday Fragments, the perfect place to unload the random bits floating around in your head this week.  Ready to purge?

***If you arrived here earlier tonight and found a half-dressed blog post, I apologize. I'm was out for dinner and threw the post up here in a hurry. Thanks for understanding!

***If your head starts to spin when you hear words like Google Apps, collaborative documents and Chromebook, then you should be glad you're not with me, at the Google Apps for Education Summit in the Wisconsin Dells. My head's spinning a little, and I'm still going back for another day, tomorrow; I am in total geek heaven here.

***The Wisconsin Dells is the self-proclaimed "Water Park Capital of the World".  No, I did not bring my swimsuit. (Yes, that was intentional.)

***Mr.4444 will be cheering the Packers on to victory from San Diego this weekend. Sadly, rain and a high temperature of 60 degrees are forecasted for San Diego (3 degrees warmer than the rainy forecast for Green Bay). I suspect that he will have a wonderful time anyway.

***I received a voicemail from a frantic parent one night last week. The parent stated that her son had left his cell phone at school (and I quote), "It is extremely detrimental that he get that phone back tomorrow, because he really, really needs it."  Okay....

***I still laugh when I think of my Zombie Anatomy Lesson post from Tuesday.  I guess I"m just that immature (which makes the fact that I teach 6th grade very fitting).

***When checking into my hotel room (which I shared, incidentally), I overheard the man behind me telling his companion about The Dells; "It's basically the Disneyland of Wisconsin."

***My Difference Makers students are extremely excited about their first big event of the year; they've planned a 5K walk/run to raise money for their Relay for Life team. (I know, right? Nothing like hitting the ground running--One meeting, and they're already full of enthusiasm.) If you're in the Tinytown area on November 15th, it would thrill them to have you register.(It's only $5.)

Okay, I feel lighter now. How about you--Got fragments? Frag away!and link up your FRIDAY FRAGMENTS post here (Sorry--Other links will be deleted. To learn more about Friday Fragments, click on the tab above.)

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  1. Your Zombie anatomy lesson was a hoot! No wonder the kids loved it!


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