Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lessons in Zombie Anatomy

In case it's been a while since you studied the human digestive system, I'm opening this post with a reference:

Mrs. K is a great science teacher. She really knows her stuff and is very comfortable talking about gross things (as well as touching gross things, like pig hearts). Heck, she's a hunter who even guts her own deer, so that tells you a lot. The kids love her bold delivery and no-holds-barred openness to all things gross.

Today, though, students were directed to practice labeling human organs.  Just for fun, Mrs. K invited them to create zombie bodies for labeling. The kids loved the idea, even  more so because they got to work in their lab groups.

Mrs. K asked the students to write little narratives about how something their zombie ate made its way through each part of the digestive system.  The kids had a lot of fun with it.

The completely-innocent girls who worked on the next masterpiece were so focused on dissing Justin Bieber (apparently not all girls love Justin) that they failed to notice something very, very important.  I don't believe I have ever laughed louder or harder than I did upon receiving this photo from Mrs. K via email and the subject:  Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

Sometimes, no matter how clear you try to be, the kids are going to get it wrong.  It looks like we have some explaining to do....

LOL!! I'm only KIDDING. Mrs.K and are are certain the poor girls had no idea, at the time, that their depiction of the rectum and anus might look like something else. (After all; even the one in the example I provided here could be considered suggestive, if you really think about it.) We feel confident that the girls in this group are perfectly-innocent 11-year-olds with pure hearts (except for the Justin Bieber part).

You'll be glad to know that no middle schoolers will be scarred for life by this, though.  (Can you imagine how mortified these girls would be to be accused of intentionally sketching pornographic zombies?) Mrs. K simply erased the offending part and plans to do a little re-directing in the morning.  She'll be very smooth about it, I'm sure.

After all; this is a woman who can say "anus" with a perfectly-straight face.

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