Sunday, November 13, 2011

Halloween Hate

Because I am a sick individual, too, I found this video 
(shared by Unknown Mami, courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel) hilarious.  
In fact, the audio is playing in my earbuds right now, for the third time, and I am still laughing.

In fact, I kinda wish I had done it to Kendall.  
(She has a big sweet tooth, so yes, she did go trick-or-treating.) 
I am laughing again, just picturing her face, were I too tell her I had eaten all of her candy
or donated it to needy children or troops in Iraq.

Hey, kids can't grow up without a little trauma to round out their character, 
can they?

I'm tempted to plan something for Christmas.

Just kidding!! (I swear.)

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  1. That was a mean joke! No wonder the kids cried. At least a couple of the boys didn't completely fall for it. Loved that last kid in the red jamies who gave her a lecture! If my parents ever did that to me, I don't know what my reaction would be--probably cry because I was so mad. I can't picture my parents doing anything like this to me.


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