Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh, You Shouldn't Have (Really)

There's a funny video on YouTube called Present Face. It's about the faces people make when trying to be gracious about unwelcome gifts.  The video I'm sharing today is one that Kendall and I filmed a few years ago, when we presented Grandma 4444 with a "kitten" as a gift.  You should know that Grandma 4444 is not a fan of pets (at all) and is, in fact, allergic to cats.  We often tell her that she should get a puppy to keep her company in her old age, and she gives us that "over-my-dead-body face," which cracks us up. It's kind of an ongoing joke, now, and she loves us enough to go along with it every time.

You should also know that Grandma 4444 is the kind of grandma who typically loves any gift you cared enough to choose for her.  Actually, you could probably give her a dog turd wrapped in pretty paper and she'd be gracious about it. Her new kitten, though, kind of threw her for a loop.

You'll be glad to know that once the the shock wore off, Grandma 4444 embraced her new companion and, in fact, named her "Lola."  Three years later, Lola purrs comfortably on the fireplace hearth (and has gone through several batteries).

Just thought I'd share this with you to remind you to prepare your "Present Face" for the holidays. 

(Sorry about the snorting.)

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