Monday, December 5, 2011

A Boy and His Dog

Cooper is 10 years old now, but he still loves to play with his "boy."  I just stumbled upon this video that I took when we went camping at Franklin Lake this summer. Part of our tradition is to take the canoe to "4444 Family Island," a tiny, round mound of pine-needle-covered ground that has a perfectly placed fire-pit perfect for a quick roasted-hotdogs-on-a-stick lunch. Since Kyle is a college sophomore now, we felt fortunate that he found time in his busy schedule to join us.

We all love the sound that our footsteps make on the hollow-sounding forest bed beneath us on 4444 Island, and Cooper must enjoy it to, because every time we arrive, he becomes downright giddy; he just loves racing around out there, and in this video, Kyle joined Cooper in the fun.

I like to make you smile on Mondays. I hope this worked.

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  1. Your video did make me smile this morning! Looks like both dog and boy were having fun!


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