Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fun and Games

A couple of weeks ago, I talked my Difference Makers students into what I thought would be 
a low-key meeting (for a change). 
I was just kind of wiped out and thought maybe I could talk them into watching a movie or something. 
I should have known better. 

Oh, it started out low-key enough; a former member (now a high schooler) 
stopped by and offered to teach us about Mission Statements and how to write them.  
We worked hard on that for a bit.

After that, I suggested the movie again, but the kids suggested we play some games, instead. 
In the next photo, they are playing Trigger, one of my favorite games this year.

It's a lot of fun, and a little rowdy sometimes.

In Trigger, players take turns reading a statement from their cards, and everyone else responds.
the first person to put his or her hand down on the "trigger" wins the card.
The statements are all true or false and require quick-but-correct thinking.
Plus, your right hand is for True, and your left is for False, so that takes coordination, too.

Some of the cards include statements like: 
 "I am wearing sandals."  
"You are related to me."  
"I am married."
"We just ate a meal together."

This game is for all ages. It gets loud sometimes, though; if anyone walked past my classroom, 
they probably wondered what the heck was going on.

We also played Spot-It (from the makers of Trigger), but that's for a smaller (less-wild) group, I think. 
It's every bit as fun and challenging, though.
You can play the on-line version (for free and with no download or anything) here.

Both games sell for about $12 each and are well worth it.
I'd recommend Spot It for small kids up through adults. 
Trigger is more for middle school up through adults.

I was wiped out after that meeting; who knew that doing "nothing" would be so exhausting?
Tired as I was, though, as usual, I left with my heart full. 

*Please note that there are one or two "inappropriate" questions in Trigger, such as "I have seen you naked." You could pull those out of the deck if that's too racy for you.. My DM kids laughed hard and moved on from that one.

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  1. These games are both new to me and I thought I was pretty up on games. Being with kids and seeing them having fun always gives me a lift.


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