Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Got a Good Story (or Joke)?

In our family, there are a couple of really good jokes well-told by certain members of the family. Mr.4444, in particular, has a really, really, really good one that is (sadly) Rated R. (No, sorry; I simply cannot share it here, nor can I share it on my YouTube channel. I guess you'll just have to ask him to share it with you in person some time.) I will share a different favorite, though; this one, from me.

What? No video? Yeah, well, I posted it for about 15 minutes and then had second thoughts, as it, too, is a little risque. Shoot. Now I'll have to think of another story to tell. In the meantime, here's the linky, in case anyone wants to share.

Got a great video of you or someone you know telling a story/joke? Link it up here! Please note that I've set this linky to allow me to approve the link after you enter it. (Just experimenting...) Looking forward to your offerings! :)

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