Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Heard in the Classroom: Sex "Education"

Remember J, the boy who had a little trouble accessing his brain's "filing cabinet" for that [3rd] test retake? Well, he had no trouble finding his file on How Babies Are Born this morning, in science class. We're still on the subject of the human body, and one of our cherubs (who loves to get off-topic) decided to bring up the subject of babies and pregnancy. Mrs. K (always comfortable discussing anything science-related) humored the kids and answered several interesting questions. At one point, J (with authority) "revealed" to his peers, "Well, you do know that babies come out your butt, right?"

"Um, no; they don't."

"Yes, they do. Then why do you think they have that big sheet covering the top of you on the table?"

"J, you'll have to ask your mom about that one. That's a subject parents get to talk to their kids about."

And with that, that drawer in J's filing cabinet was closed (until he gets home tonight, I'm sure).


Why, yes; I did rather enjoy sending J's mom an email on that one. The subject line was, "Time for the talk!LOL"

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