Thursday, February 2, 2012

Friday Fragments: Episode #183

Mommy's Idea

I feel good. Who doesn't feel good on the cusp of a weekend? I hope this finds you all happy, healthy, and full of fragments to share. [Not sure how to share your fragments? Click on the FF tab above and/or visit this week's other fragmenters; I'm sure you'll get the hang of it! :)] 

In case you missed it,  Rebecca and Tracie are the lucky winners of my cakepop giveaway!  


Our middle schoolers took  the Youth Risk Behavior Survey in school today.  The anonymous survey is designed to identify areas of...well...risky behaviors our students might be involved in so that we can address them and thus improve the health of our students. One of my very innocent boys on the autism spectrum called me over to his computer and told me that he didn't understand a particular question, so I read it aloud to him:

Have you ever smoked marijuana? Marijuana is also known as "grass" or "pot."  [check Yes or No]

He screwed up his eyebrows and thought about it for a second,

"So, like chewing on grass or something?"  

He pondered a moment longer (Apparently, he has chewed on grass a time or two.),
but I cut him off:

"Just check 'No,' Honey."


The girl with the smallest veins on the planet (Kendall) is getting a blood draw tomorrow (to look for causes of the mystery belching, which hasn't abated). I actually called ahead to be assured that the phlebotomist feels confident that she can do it without poor Kendall having to get stuck over and over and over again. She assured me that she can. Wish Kendall luck!

That's it for me! (I know--It's shocking, but it is what it is. Be grateful.haha) Now it's your turn! Link up your  FRIDAY FRAGMENTS post below (All others will be deleted.) Thanks!

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  1. That is sweet that the student thought the question was about "chewing" grass! Oh and I hope they find out what is going in with Kendall, poor girl. Sorry for not linking up but I have done some posting this week, trying to get back into the groove. Maybe next week!


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