Thursday, March 15, 2012

Friday Fragments, Episode #189

Mommy's Idea

Welcome to Friday Fragments, where being fragmented is a good thing! Unload the random bits and pieces of your week that didn't make it into posts of their own and hang out with some really nice people :)
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***Let me know when you're feeling uncomfortable," she calls breezily from her station across the room. A moment later, I cry out, "Uncomfortable!" and she gives it one more crank, for good measure, I guess. Why? Doesn't she believe me? Apparently people getting mammograms lie constantly about how uncomfortable they are, because this happens to me every time. Don't worry--I survived without any emotional or physical scarring, and I'm certain a mammogram is more comfortable than breast cancer, so I shouldn't complain. (Forgive me.)

***Kyle (our college sophomore) is taking an architecture class, which is like torture for him, because this kid never liked drawing (and his middle school art sketchbook is evidence). He's hanging in there, though, as evidenced by this drawing (for his midterm exam):

***Mr.4444 went hiking at night (the trail was lit) in Austria this week. After a nice meal at the top of the hike, he and his companions slid down the mountain on sleds! It isn't every day that Mr.4444 goes sledding, but he's intelligent, so he figured it out, mostly. "I'm not gonna lie," he told me. "At one point, I just shut my eyes and figured I was probably going to die, but there was nothing I could do about it." Thank goodness he's coming home tonight (hopefully, in one piece).

***Mr.4444 told me that he's kind of digging wearing a suit to work every day. He said he even thought about wearing one on the flight home so that he could look good for me when I pick him up (Friday night!). How cute is that?! I cannot wait to suck face with that guy...

***Growing up in Green Bay, my idea of "ethnic food" was Taco Bell. Fry bread tacos were the only "Indian" food I ever had (twice). Of course, we do enjoy Polish food; bratwurst is a staple here, after all. These days, Green Bay does offer more choices, but I still mostly see Mediterranean, Greek, and Indian food only at summer festivals (in tents, on paper plates). I wish I could have spent more time eating in Minneapolis. Wow! Sooo many choices!

***A few days ago, we still had snow on the ground. Today, we had temps in the mid-70's, and more beautiful weather is in the forecast. Kinda makes me feel sorry for some of my co-workers who spent money on Spring Break trips to Florida, LasVegas, etc.

***Holy cow!! I just realized that Karen Zemek is donating 50 cents for every legitimate comment on her blog in March. The amazing part? She's splitting the funds between Lucky Lady's and my Difference Maker students' Relay for Life teams! She is one-of-a-kind, that Karen! Thank you, Karen (and Gerard)!!!

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