Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Fragments, Episode #190

Mommy's Idea

 It's time to unload the random bits and pieces of  our week so that we can fully enjoy the weekend.
Thanks for joining us!
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***It turns out that the cause of the loud, scary noises in Clintonville was an series of tiny earthquakes that caused sonic booms! I'm pretty sure I've never heard of earthquakes happening in Wisconsin (at least not noticeable ones).

***Are you like me? Do you stay up later on Thursday nights because you know that no matter what, Friday will be easy, because it's Friday? 

***I'm thrilled to announce that as of last weekend, I have now passed all six of the qualifying tests on my road to becoming a Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer! The next (and big) step is to apply (lengthy process) and be accepted. I'll keep you posted.

***Our living room has been "Builder's White" in color for the last 12 years, simply because I couldn't figure out what color I wanted when we built the house. Because the ceiling is too high for us to paint it ourselves, it's the final frontier of paint around here. Next week, that will change, when a professional house painter will come to paint it Brevity Brown and Sands of Time. WooHoo!!!

***Got a bid for carpeting 1755 square feet of our house. $11,084.50. Looks like some adjustments are in order. (And I'm in the wrong line of work, apparently.)

***Why are "living room" and "dining room" two words but bedroom is only one? 

***I went to the chiropractor yesterday on a whim and realized it has been waaaay too long. Love that place.

***Kyle was home for his Spring Break. It was so nice to have him home again, if only for a while.

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  1. We had to have our floors redone after the ice maker in the freezer went crazy and we didn't realize it for several months. It spread into the room that backs up to the kitchen and other places as well. Even after the insurance kicked in we still had out of pocket because we did the whole house except for our room. It was EXPENSIVE! Ridiculously so. But I so love my floors! I'm the same way about choosing color for the walls. I've got our bedroom picked out and recently finished another bedroom. But the one that houses my desk? Cannot decide to save my life. Your color choices sound perfect!


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