Saturday, March 10, 2012

More Fragments, Only Chunkier

Our Spring Break starts today! I've put off all thoughts of what I'm going to do with my time until this morning, so I need to unload some more fragments before I can settle down and relax.

***Mr.4444 needs something important for work, so I shipped it to Germany on Wednesday. They said it would be there on Friday. They were very nice employees, but Green Bay is not the most metropolitan city, and they made the same mistake I made---They failed to allow for Customs; the package is in Germany, but it's been sitting for two days in Customs. Mr.4444 would like to have it for a presentation on Monday. Of course, Customs is closed until Monday.

***One of my best friends in high school (who still lights up a room with her gorgeous smile and even more beautiful spirit, incidentally) got in touch with me via Facebook about a year and a half ago. We met up at our reunion last summer, and she and her wonderful husband came to our Halloween party this year. Dorothy and Dave had six children together and were very much the model of true love. Sadly, Dave passed away, very unexpectedly (of a massive heart attack), on Monday. My heart breaks for Dorothy. Dave was 50 years old.

***My friend's mom passed away last night in her sleep. Her 13-year-old daughter wrote a beautiful tribute to her grandma on her FB page that in part reads,

You went to church EVERY morning and you were a pure saint. The thing with you is that I know I can talk to you whenever I want to and, even though I can't hear you, I know exactly what you would say; pray for them. 

Isn't that awesome?

***On a more cheerful note, today is Mr.4444 and my 22 wedding anniversary. I decided to send him a silly text last night. Can you guess which part auto"corrected" my poem?

roses are red
violets are blue
now we've been married
asshole 22!

Um, in case you missed it, that was supposed to read "a whole" 22.  Poor guy--He sends me these beauties...

and all he gets is an insulting poem. (Sorry, Honey. Happy Anniversary!  I love you!!)

***My friend Dawn and I have decided to go to Minneapolis tomorrow. We have pretty much no idea what we're going to do there. I kind of wish we were going to a beach somewhere, instead, so we could just plan meals and be done with it, but I am looking forward to our trip. Kendall will be beaching it up at a waterpark with a friend. (Yes, the house will be empty; if you decide to burglarize us, please be sure to steal the livingroom carpet, and it is in definite need of replacement, and that's the least you could do.)

Okay, I've had my coffee now, and now I'm ready to tackle the weekend! Have a good one! :)

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