Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sundays in My City: Signs of Spring

Unknown Mami

In my city today, I'm very happy, because Mr.4444 is finally back home 
(along with his bag, which was lost by the airline for about 12 hours), 
and believe it or not, even though he was jet-lagged tonight, he made his lovely wife this delicious dinner...

(Thank goodness, too, because I was practically wasting away.) 

We got to eat dinner on the deck, because it was 78 degrees, 
and even the mosquitoes were caught off-guard. 
Spring is here! 

When Mr.4444 was outside washing cars and hosing the driveway down this afternoon, 
I heard a scream in the kitchen and found our daughter thusly:

What's that, you ask? It's a girl who is terrified of spiders, trying to kill one on the ceiling. 

(Did you know that many spiders hatch in the spring?) 

Why is she still holding the paper towel there? Terror that it might still be alive, of course. (It was.)

If you click on the photo and get a magnifying glass, you might be able to see it.

See, not being accustomed to humane spider extraction, 
(Her parents usually take care of this, but I figured it was time she learned; she's almost 17, after all.) 
she had grabbed about 25 sheets of paper towel as her weapon. 

(She didn't want to feel the "body crunch"!)  

And while we were trying to see if it was still alive, it moved and fell to the ground.

More screaming ensued (this time, I may have joined in a little) 
and a subsequent crunching may or may not have been heard. 

What's that in her other hand, you ask? 

Why, yes, that is a spatula. 
(A girl almost seventeen needs to have her resources at the ready!) 

And because she's probably not going to be a fan of that last shot, 
I'm including this one, taken after the shock had worn off.

May you also enjoy some beautiful spring weather today!

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  1. It's much easier once they fall to the floor because then you can use your show and step on it. I'm surprised she even went after that spider in the first place! Good job, Kendall!

  2. Oh, how I wish my hubby would prepare a meal that looks as delicious as that one.

    I think your daughter represents most females in her fear of spiders. I always try to make the kill swift and effective on the first try. If I miss, screaming is sure to ensue.

    Beautiful mom/daughter photo!


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