Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Be Your Own You" Review

As a middle school teacher and fan of positive influences on kids, I was happy to be approached by  Heartlight Girls Publications, publishers of BYOU magazine, for a review. Since Kendall was a fan of American Girl magazine when she was a kid, I knew she'd enjoy reviewing this magazine, as well, and I was right.

BYou aims to be "A self-esteem lifestyle brand empowering girls to be themselves!" and I would say they back up their talk with action; the magazine is filled with positive messages. Like most publications for kids, BYou has puzzles, games, etc. but it also has engaging reader features and interviews.  Kendall and I were both impressed by the lack of advertising in BYou; I think I noticed two ads in the whole thing, and they were for wholesome, worthwhile products.

BYou is clearly dedicated to wholesome content; the January issue ($3.95 per issue in the U.S., $4.95 in Canada) shared an interview with Disney's Olivia Holt and includes two pull-out posters of her looking sweet, innocent, and young; the posters also feature inspirational quotes from Olivia about being yourself and following your dreams, great messages for tweens and young teens. She is wearing some makeup in the posters, but since she's 15 and it's not over-the-top, I don't have a problem with it.

There was only one tiny issue I didn't like in the magazine, and it came in the form of a quote from an eleven-year-old girl for whom being her "own you" means "Being strong and willing to do anything for my friends." However, as a parent, I'd see that as a good conversation opportunity; "What does that mean to you? Can you do what your friends want you do to and still be true to yourself?" (Kendall, too, noticed that quote and commented on it.)

In this world so filled with distorted images about what's important (and what's appropriate content for young girls), Kendall and I both appreciate what BYou has to offer and highly recommend this magazine.

Although I received one free copy of BYou magazine for this review, 
the opinions shared here are purely my own.

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