Thursday, April 12, 2012

Friday Fragments: Episode #193

Mommy's Idea

Hey, what's up? Ready for the weekend? I'm almost there...just need to unload a few fragments first. Thanks for joining me! [For more info on Friday Fragments, click on the tab above.]

***I survived the 6th Grade Milwaukee Museum Field Trip 2012.  The trick? Put the boys and girls on two different buses!  I sat on the girls' bus; it was practically relaxing!

***Remember the student who was almost electrocuted last August but survived, facing many months of healing? Well, he is back at school (part time, so far) and went on the field trip today. Yes, he used a wheelchair much of the time, but I suspect he was completely spent by the time he got home. Pretty impressive.

***I stopped over at G+ tonight for the first time in several days and found it completely different. I hate the page layout and hope they change it back or tell me how I can customize the page more, because I really don't like having half the page dedicated to Hangouts and what's trending.

***Please, if you haven't already, consider supporting my students' Relay for Life team, thereby entering yourself to possibly win $50 gift cards or cake bites. Friday and 10pm is the cutoff. So far, we've raised about $1200 (It doesn't show on the thermometer, so you'll have to trust me!) THANK YOU!!

***Working on Relay for Life stuff (as the only adult advising the Difference Makers) has worn me out. I told the kids that I've cancelled the Talent Show they were really looking forward to for May. They're very disappointed, but I feel like a 200-pound bully just got up off me--I can breathe again! :) A girl has got to know her limits. ***Do you play Draw Something? I'm told it's very addictive, but I'm ready to check it out anyway. I just opened an account in my real name, so if you know it, feel free to look me up. Be gentle, though; I have no clue what I'm doing.

***I don't always make it to all of the fragmenters every week. That's why it always warms my heart when I see that many of you do. Thanks, so much, for being one of the best things about blogging--You guys rock.

Okay, now it's your turn!

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  1. Ah those infamous jr. high trips! We used to take our 8th graders to DC on a SLEEPER bus - - - so for the three or four days of the trip we were together 24/7.

    I went many times on those trips.

    BTW - do you know you still have word veri up? I left you a comment in spite of it, though it is KILILNG me to do so. ;-)


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