Sunday, April 8, 2012

Checking In...

As mentioned previously, my two sisters that live in other states came home this week.
We've been packing in all kinds of activity.

My sisters and I got together with Mom for lunch on Saturday.
It's been really nice being all together again for the first time in three years.

Mary and Michelle....

My mom, of course, is in all her glory to have her brood together.
At our lunch at Michelle's house, she enjoyed entertaining us
with stories from back in the day.
I don't remember which story she's telling in these shots,
but as you can see, she's into it.

What a blessing it is to have an 83-year-old mom who is healthy and loving life.

Geri and Mom

And here are a few more shots from other venues. 
(We don't really fit in Mom's house anymore, so we went out to eat a lot this weekend! :)

Mom and all nine of us at Mary's "Surprise" Birthday Dinner at Mackinaw's...


Easter Brunch at the Radisson...

Here's hoping your Easter was as happy as ours :)

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