Thursday, April 5, 2012

Friday Fragments: Episode #192

Mommy's Idea

For a short work week, it sure was a tough one; I'm so glad it's over.
I was so busy/stressed, I had little time to record my randomness until now.
Welcome to Friday Fragments, where fragments are appreciated :)
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We're going to the Milwaukee Museum next week with about 280 sixth graders, on the usual yellow school buses, leaving at about 6:30am and returning around 4pm. [Note to self: pack ear plugs!]


Have you entered my raffle for two $50 gas and VISA gift cards and cake bites?
If not, please consider at least helping me get the word out about my students' Relay for Life efforts.
We'd appreciate it very much, as we are a long way from our goal.
If you've already helped, thank you and Good Luck! :)


Last night, my entire family got together to celebrate my sister Mary's birthday at a local restaurant.
(We had a special room, since we're a big group.)
It was wonderful having all nine of us together for the first time in three years.
My post yesterday shows us, outside the restaurant, recreating a family photo from 31 years ago.
I suspect there will be more silliness in the next few days.


Tomorrow night, Kendall is having a large group of friends over to celebrate her birthday.
Picture volleyball, a fire pit, and apple dumplings. It's gonna get loud over here...
Pray for good weather!


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