Thursday, April 26, 2012

Friday Fragments: Episode #195

Mommy's Idea

Welcome to Friday Fragments, where disconnected thoughts are applauded. Thanks for joining in. [To learn more about FF, click the link above.]

***In a blogging group on FB last week, someone asked "What is your biggest blog-reading pet peeve?  Overwhelmingly, responders said, "auto-playing music." The only other complaints were flashing ads and text color issues. (Just thought you might be interested.)

***I've coined a new word: endxiety ---That anxious feeling you get near the end of the show you're watching on your DVR, when you worry that the last minute will be cut off. (I know--It's perfect, right?!)

***I asked my doctor for some reading material on menopause, just so I know what to expect when the time comes (I know pretty much nothing about it.), and she gave me a booklet that makes it sound absolutely horrible! How do women survive it?! (or their husbands, for that matter, poor things!) Is it really that bad?!

***My birthday was very nice; Mr.4444 made Chicken Florentine Pasta for me and brought me a new computer! It's an "Ultrabook," meaning it's smaller, thinner, and faster but still has all the functionality of a typical laptop. I truly love that it weighs just over two pounds, but my favorite feature is the back-lit keyboard (The whole keyboard lights up when I press any key.)

***This was the longest school week ever, because Tuesday was incredibly exhausting. It would be nice if kids would create a schedule for acting up and stick to one kid per day.

***Thank goodness Karen Zemek is a patient person; she's still waiting for her cake pop prize, and it's taking me some time to get them made. Don't worry, though, Karen; they're going to be both beautiful and delicious, I promise! Thanks for your patience.

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  1. I hate that dvr thing. We've set ours to now record five minutes past the end of the show, just to avoid that exact same OM! what did they say? Who's gonna die in the next show??

    Happy Friday!


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