Thursday, June 14, 2012

Friday Fragments: Episode #202

Mommy's Idea 

I now see why adoption can be a scary business; at first, I was in love with this face

and thought for certain I'd be taking him home at the end of this month. 
However, now I can't decide! Just look at this face!

And the runt?! Totally adorable!  Do I want him, instead!

I get two weeks to decide, thank goodness.

***I'm super, super grateful that I've pretty much fully recovered from a good spill I took on my bike last week on a forest bike trail. I hit every contact point on the left side of my body (including my head--Thank God I was wearing a helmet!)  I had just a few scratches but was very sore almost immediately. Five days. one chiropractor visit, and lots of ice later, I'm as good as new!

***Kendall and I are heading to the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and University of Minnesota early next week for a couple of campus visits! Exciting stuff! By the way, does anyone know anyone in Food Science (as in the chemistry stuff, not the Paula Dean stuff)? 

***If you haven't seen/heard the PBS remix of a Mr. Rogers video, I recommend you check it out, as it's beautiful and will give you warm, fuzzy memories.

***My heart is pounding with excitement as I type this--I turned my application to become a Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer in to Google tonight. Almost immediately after submitting it, I could see that someone from Google had opened it! (That's a cool Google Docs feature--If you haven't tried it, you don't know what you're missing! :)  I also saw someone open another application document several minutes later. Because I wanted to appear cooler than I actually am, I did not stay in the document--I got out right away. The application states that they will let me know within 4-6 weeks if I'm Google Worthy. (No, they didn't say it like that; that's just how I see it.)  If I'm accepted, I will be thrilled, as you know I've been working on this for months and have dedicated a lot of time and effort to it. If I'm not accepted, I'll be okay (They have high standards, People!) but I will be sad.  However, I'll be confident that I did a great job and will continue to be enamored with Google Apps. Fingers crossed!

Looking forward to catching up with you....

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