Thursday, July 26, 2012

Friday Fragments, Episode #208

Mommy's Idea

It's been a quiet week around here; Mr.4444 went to Germany, Kendall went to camp, and Kyle went to work. I relaxed a lot, hung out with a few friends, and got ready to hit the ground running next week (to start getting ready for school). I've got plenty of fragmented bits for this week's Friday Fragments offering, and I hope you do, too! [For the details on Friday Fragments, click on the tab above.]

***Entertaining Milo is much more difficult when it's just the two of us. He isn't always this chill and cute.

Walking and spending time with other dogs helps a lot, but he can be a real stinker when he decides he wants to eat me be entertained.  Thank goodness he is also regularly super-sweet and relaxed and just lays there, letting me love on him. Here's a shot of him right after I finished smothering him with kisses.

***I want to take this time to acknowledge all of the pigs who sacrificed their ears for my mental health. Pig ears are my last-resort go-to when Milo decides he can do nothing else but chew on me. Thank you, my swine heroes.

***Steve was born on the 4th of July! [Steve is Milo's future, "snow" lab brother, who will be joining our family as soon as he is old enough. Don't get me started on the name choice; I got to name Milo, and the rest of my family named Steve.] Anyway, here's a photo of Steve with his eight brothers and two sisters. Sorry--I have no idea which one is Steve, as we haven't met him yet.

***I tried to have a serious conversation with my husband about living a healthier lifestyle. I said, "You know--like if you found out  that you absolutely had to lose 20 pounds, what would you do?" He replied: "Cut off one leg." The man keeps me in stitches, I tell ya.

***Did you know that after World War I, the U.S. government arranged for a voyage of mothers who'd lost their sons (who'd been buried oversea)s? I learned this at my family reunion last weekend; my great grandmother was on one such voyage. What a sad, sad trip that must have been for the Gold Star Mothers.

***Sick of seeing every single thing that a Facebook friend does on your wall? You can easily customize what you see in your Home view by hovering your mouse over the person's name, then over the Friends button. From there, click on Settings and make sure only the things you're interested in are checked. I still haven't figured out what "Only Important Updates" means, but the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

***By the commenting system is acting wonky! I monkeyed around with my template yesterday, but only to add (and now remove social networking buttons). You will probably see Blogger's commenting system, but if you wait long enough, Disqus might pop up.  My page is also suddenly loading like molasses for me. Anyone else noticing that? Sheesh! If you can help, please let me know...thanks.

***In case you missed these photos earlier this week, check out Milo the Hunter and follow these instructions today:

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  1. I didn't know that about Gold Star moms too. See, family reunions can really bring out a host of information (good or bad) - especially from the senior members. You are doing a great job recording these memories and events. And I know you will find ways to make these memories even more enduring outside of this blog.

  2. Like the new plug in! What is it called? As for getting rid of the blogger ones, you just need to go into the comments settings in blogger and uncheck the boxes

  3. Milo keeps getting cuter and cuter all the time!

  4. I saw DISQUS then it disappeared I reloaded the page and it appeared but said comments were closed - now I'm leaving on the old blogger type

    Maybe DISQUS wants you to switch to the new version. It's been running on my blog for months now. Milo the lion eater just looks fun in all his pictures. I don't know how (or why) you are going to deal with 2 puppies. Did not know that about WW1. I'm certain the bodies of fallen soldiers have been brought back home since Viet Nam.
    I'm only seeing the share buttons just between "the Posted by.. " and the DISQUS stuff. Hey speaking technical - what ever happened to your Google super star trainer thing?

  5. Love those pictures of Milo with his ears up, too cute!

  6. I love Milo, he's super adorable. Sorry I can't help you with the Disqus comments. I'm lost there!!

    I'm excited to see what Steve turns out like. Are you keeping his name "Steve"? We have an affinity for that name around here ;)

  7. Enjoy your alone time! Milo is just too adorable. I hate that you are already talking about school..NO, not yet..Have a great weekend..


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