Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I found a beautiful, inspiring share this morning on Facebook, but after searching for at least a half-hour and finding no one giving credit to the original creator (Google was no help!), I decided not to share it.  I just really don't like to share things that don't give proper credit to the original artist, photographer, writer, etc.  So....I took the three lines that most inspired me and created my own, new original. I hope it inspires you, too.


  1. Anni, how did you manage to comment if it said the comments were closed? Did you comment on a different post?

  2. I think I have the commenting thing fixed! "Snow" labs are just a very light version of a yellow lab. Our breeder describes Steve and his siblings as all "snows," but they look like regular yellow labs, to me. I'm sure we'll love him all the same :)
    I posted an adorable video of Milo today :) In regard to my previous reply to your comment here, please ignore it; I was reading it via email at the time, and now I understand what you did. Thanks!


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