Thursday, July 5, 2012

Milo the Angel

Some people say puppies are terrors, 
that they're destructive, naughty, 
that they ruin carpets, too. 
I've even heard that they chew shoes up.

Not my Milo!
He's an angel.
I even have proof:

Of course, we haven't got to flossing yet,
but he's only eight weeks old!

I suppose we'd better get started soon, though
because guess what Mr.4444 literally just handed me!

Inside that surprise envelope from the very sweet dog-lover, Karen Zemek
was this very thoughtful gift for Guess Who!?

Karen, you are a gem. Thank you

To tell the truth, Milo has been an angel 

except for the three potty accidents (in ten days)

and the biting,

but yes, he has earned those treats!

Which is a very good thing, because this face would be hard to say no to!

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