Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sundays in My City: The Juggler

Unknown Mami

In spite of this summer's heat, 
hundreds of people flock to the Farmers Market in Green Bay every week,
 and this clown counts on that:

Like these boys, the first time I saw the colorful character, he was standing stock-still.
I love to try and capture the curiosity in people's faces 
as they wonder what the out-of-place character is all about.

If you're patient, smart, or just plain observant, you'll soon see what makes the clown perform.

With a small financial contribution, he comes alive!

He also interacts with whoever makes the donation, 
tossing the small balls to them (often catching people by surprise) 
and encouraging them to toss them back up to him. 

These boys came back and put money in three times; they were so delighted.

I earn my photo-op keep by dropping a buck in the can every now and then
(or giving a random little kid the money to do so),
just to see their faces (and try to capture their amusement, of course).

That little girl could not stop laughing, loudly and with great enthusiasm; 
her heart was so full.

Now that's the kind of joy that inspires everyone around.

In spite of the near-90-degree temps, I think this guy is pretty cool.


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  1. What a FUN time in Green Bay, and I "ain't" just clownin' around neither!


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