Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Bosom Buddy

Our little Milo is making good progress on the overnight-crate-sleeping front, but he gets me up with him at the crack of dawn on a regular basis, all ready to play. Until I have a cup of coffee, I have a hard time thinking straight, but as many of you know, the simple act of making coffee can be a feat when trying to tend to a puppy (or infant of any sort). As you can imagine, Milo could get into a lot of trouble if left alone for even a second, so here's my solution:

In case you need more photos of our little stinker, this is your post!
Here are a few more morning shots. He's happy to get me up at 4:30 or 5:00am, makes sure I'm good and awake, and sacks out in my lap...

or on my laptop.

 Since I'm no dummy, I know that a tired puppy is a good puppy, so I took Milo to meet some neighborhood dogs twice this week. It's a good thing I'm a special ed teacher, because I think he's going to need some social skills training....

The first time Milo played with these friendly pups (twice in one day), he practically fell into a coma and slept for at least three hours. It was funny, because I carried him with me into a mall (just to go to one store with Kendall for some shoes), and he was so sacked out that people thought he was a stuffed animal. (The thought that people would think that I would carry a stuffed animal around at the mall cracked me up, but I heard it more than once: "Is that real?" "Is that...a stuffed animal?" Too funny.)

Yes, Milo has quite a bit of energy. On this particular night, Kyle came home from work (around 10:15pm), and Milo was thrilled to see him; play-fighting with him, doing flips and zipping around in little circles. This photo totally captured his speed, as well as the amusement he provides on a regular basis:

Since Kendall has always wished she had a "fluffy little white puppy," as well as a baby brother or sister, she adores Milo and has been terrific about helping take care of him.

Mr.4444 appreciates Milo, too; he has always been a dog lover. However, he would really like to have a yellow lab hunting-dog puppy, and I definitely see one in our future. The sooner the better, in my opinion, as this puppy-business is best done in twos, I'm sure.

Although I'm not sure I'd have room in my robe for two!

Oh, and btw, we've decided to answer the oft-asked question, "What kind of dog is he?" with "He's a Cavamutt--Cavalier King Charles Spaniel daddy and the-Lord-only-knows-what mommy."

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  1. He's one adorable cavamutt. I don't even really LIKE dogs, but if I were to have one, I'd want a little one like that.


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