Thursday, August 2, 2012

Berry Busy

I've been busier than a one-armed paper hanger for the past few days; I guess I just like to work under pressure--I'm giving two different Google presentations* at a conference today, so why not wait til the last minute to prepare, right?  Anyway, Milo doesn't care if I have work to do, so he still requires the same level of entertainment and supervision. 

One thing Milo likes to do is pick blackberries with me in our yard. 

Who knew dogs liked blackberries? (Not I)

Please excuse the sappy dog-talk in the short clip below.

Of course, when all else fails, he tries to steal some of mine.

Some people take time to smell the roses; Milo and I take time to pick blackberries.

No matter how stressed I get, Milo is there to add more make me feel better; as long as he's had exercise, he is an absolute gem. Thankfully, some little neighbor girls came to take him for his second walk of the day yesterday. When he got home, he headed for his water dish but elected, instead, for this.

I am definitely hitting the August ground running. Presentations today, a big IEP meeting and dentist appointment tomorrow, followed by grocery shopping for a big family reunion (three days!) this weekend, not to mention the house cleaning that's been neglected this week. So, yeah, I've been busy; I hope to catch up with you soon! :)

*If you're not a stalker and would like access to my presentations on Google Forms and/or Using Google Apps in the Classroom, email me, and I'll happily share the links with you. 

P.S. Disqus tells me that Blogger has made some updates that are interfering with the commenting system here. If you can't comment, consider it a blessing; you now have a minute or two extra today :)