Saturday, August 18, 2012

Caught in the Act: PuppyTalk

Kyle was listening to me give Milo a bath in the laundry room sink when he decided it would be amusing to secretly video/audio tape me. I have to admit it; he was right.

Please excuse the quality--It's a little blurry.
(I'm not going to apologize for the mess, though; it's a laundry in a laundry room--What can I say?)

We are picking Steve up today (I'm pretty sure.)
I am going to be busyyyyyy! (That laundry is not going to get put away soon.)

I feel a vlog coming on....


  1. adorable. I totally feel that way about the stack of dishes. Hey, they are stacked.

  2. I thought everyone talked that way to little furred ones? What are you saying they don't?

  3. Hahah, that is too cute. And yes vlog so I can hear that accent, dontchaknow :)


  4. And just what accent is Cape Cod Turns talkin' about?????

    I hear no accent.


  5. I hope Kyle has the good sense to make sure he's looking his best at all times and doesn't get caught in a VLOG trap of some kind! LOL Betcha he'll be on his toes for a while -until he thinks you may have forgotten about this trick of his and that's when you can spring a trap and catch him doing something goofy too! Looked like me cuddling our kitten after Mandy had just given her a flea-bath in hopes of getting that population under control. (Several of the little buggers apparently fell in love with the flap of fat under my chin and bit the living daylights out of me! Did you know flea bites must take forever to stop itching and to go away?)OH and I love the photo of your Mom loving on Milo too!


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