Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mostly-Wordless Wednesday

Milo got a bath Friday night. Then I decided to take him to visit Cousin Oliver at a very dirty campground, and he was soon absolutely filthy. Needless to say (or "seedless to nay," as Mom would say), he wasn't thrilled about going under the faucet again. 

It was a dirty job, but it had to be done.

Tomorrow, he's going to get his first professional grooming. I really want him to keep his shaggy look, but the poor guy can barely see, so we're going to get him cleaned up a little. Stay tuned for before-and-afters, and don't be afraid to give advice about grooming, as I'm a clean slate where little, shaggy dogs are concerned.


  1. Ah too cute! Sophie has to be bathe at least once a week if not more due to her skin allergies and she runs and hides every time! We professional groom her probably every ten weeks or so and clean up around her eyes in between.

  2. Fluffy pets look downright emaciated when they're wet, don't they?

  3. that stupid commenter again. I suppose it is just about generating traffic so it's probably best to delete and ignore. I wonder if there is a boycott American boys version out there.
    Back to the post - We had a shaggy snoodle once. We never worried about face fur and I don't know if the groomer did either. I believe some dogs have sensitive eyes so the fur protects them. Nothing like a bath to refluff your dog.

  4. Can I please pet sit? Steve and Milo are just the cutest and I bet they have puppy breath. As Doodle likes to say, we are not sure of which end is which with Shen... he is that old and smelly.


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