Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Snippet

Recently, my sister, Michelle, shared a news story that would surprise no parent: Doctors Remove Lego Wheel from Boy's Nose After Three Years. Inspired, she posted this (about her 11-year-old Lego-fanatic son) on her Facebook wall:

I guess it's possible we might still find the Lego that Caden swallowed about 9 years ago.

I thought you might be amused by the rest of the conversation.

Friend of Michelle's:  U don't think it didn't already come out?

Nope. He was choking on it and I ran to him, then he suddenly stopped. I said "where is it?" and he pointed to his tummy and said, "Ate toy." We called the doctor and they said Legos dont' show in xrays. He said to check his poop for
 5 days and I checked it for nearly 2 weeks. Nothing. We've always told Caden that it's in there somewhere and that it's the reason he still likes Legos so much - it's in his blood! ; )

 Kyle once swallowed a nickel that we never found. On his 21st birthday, we're planning on cracking him open to see what kind of Interest might have accrued.

I think I've been hanging around corny Lisleman too much.


  1. Too funny! Once in college playing the drinking game quarters my friend swallowed the quarter....not sure what happen after that....or why we were drinking from the same cup quarter was in....maybe in the 80's germs weren't well! Happy Saturday!

  2. Once Joey put a piece of paper up his nose. He developed an odor. I blogged about the stench. I kept giving him baths, putting lotions on him, changing his diaper ever hour or sooner and still nothing. Then one day I noticed a 'booger' that was STILL in his nose. I had seen it a few days prior. So I started picking it out and eventually had to get tweezers to pick it out. Once I got a firm grip on the tweezers I pulled the Piece of Paper! out of his nose. The entire living room smelled HORRIBLE for the longest time.

  3. Hey what's this "hanging around" stuff. My FF post is sitting there waiting for it's comment from the princess of FF.
    Corny is big thing in Illinois but this year's drought is pressuring the corn. There's a field down the road and it's all popped already. I suggested they form a partnership with the cheese farmers of Wisconsin and produce cheesy popcorn. Pass the corn please.

  4. I predicted your response, Lisleman (the first part, and the extra corn.haha) We were just enjoying some delicious bi-color sweetcorn for dinner. Mr.4444 said that when he was on the road this week, he noticed that the corn in Indiana was barely up to his waist; our hearts go out to farmers who are still suffering from the drought. Off to visit You-Know-Who!

    Rebecca, that's hilariously gross. Kyle did the same thing with a bandaid once (kid-sized). Fortunately, I saw it before I smelled it, but I had to take him the doctor to dig it out!

  5. When she was a kid my sister swallowed her dime which was meant for her Sunday School offering.

    At the evening service, her Sunday school teacher sat next to her and asked, "Karen, is there any change in you tonight?"

  6. I think that mom should get the interest off that for feeding said child and laundering for said child!!


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