Thursday, August 9, 2012

Friday Fragments: Episode #210

Mommy's Idea

You'd think that with me having my summer "off," my mind would be completely relaxed and not cluttered at all, but that's simply not the case; I've got plenty of tidbits to unload today. Thanks for joining the fragmented fun! [For more on Friday Fragments, click on the tab above.]

***Is the font you're reading right now too small? If you're in Chrome, you can just type Ctrl and the + sign to enlarge your screen. (Sorry--I only know Chrome.)

***Kendall stayed over at camp last weekend. It's her last summer at camp, plus it was the camp's 75th anniversary celebration, so I couldn't argue, but that means I haven't seen her in almost two weeks! Fortunately, she invited me to come up for campfire tonight (families can visit, I guess), so Milo and I are roadtripping up there with Grandma 4444, too. I can't wait!

***Preseason football starts tonight for the Packers! GO TEAM!

***If you know why this bothered me, then we are kindred spirits, in the grammatical sense:

"After being declared schizophrenic and forcibly medicated for months, Jared Loughner's lawyers say he is ready...." 

***If you haven't had enough of Milo videos, check out Milo and Winston: Canine Buddies, as it is absolutely adorable. Of course, they all are, but what can I say--the dog's adorable! Also, I accidentally posted my reunion recap (with videos!) yesterday, instead of Saturday, so it looks like it's two-for-the-price-of-one day!

***I had a nightmare this week that Milo somehow got away from me and I was searching everywhere for him, in a huge apartment building in New York City (I think.)  I just knew that whoever found him would keep him, so I wandered the halls, calling his name, hoping that he'd hear me and bark or something. I was so stressed out with worry! Finally, I heard him, ever so faintly, but there he was--right beside my bed, in his kennel, ready to get out. Makes me wonder if I'd been calling to him in my sleep. Regardless, I'm glad he woke me up.

***I read about one of the weirdest mother-in-law stories this week on Babble. A young mother found her MIL offering her breast to her baby (to comfort him) in the middle of the night. Click the link if you're curious.

***I went to a Tupperware party this week (It's been years since I was at one, and I was curious.) and found so many great products to buy that I'm going to have a "virtual" party on Tuesday or Wednesday, through August 26th. Stop by and see what you could win just for placing an order.
Although I'm back working (and still crazy-busy with the puppy stuff), I hope to catch up with you soon!

1pm Friday--I've switched back to Blogger for commenting until Disqus solves its issues on my blog. I don't know why most of you aren't having the same problem. All I know is that I don't have time to figure it out. Thanks!


  1. Well I am so glad Loughner's lawyers are medicated! All I can say to that is YIKES.

    Glad to see you, and I didn't even know Tupperware was still around! I will have to check that out!

  2. Aaaaand I wasn't trying to be anonymous. Don't know what I did wrong!

  3. haha Kori. It's great to see you. And wow, this whole comment back within the comments thing is so old-school! I hope disqus gets things straightened out soon so that I can go back.

    Congrats on catching that grammar issue--I loved you before, but I love you even more now :)haha

  4. I think you and Milo should come visit me.

  5. Ok Milo is beyond cute! We have a maltipoo. What is Milo?

    Milo just happens to be my Hubs middle name as is his dads, grandfather and our son. Ha.

  6. Carrie, it's good to know Milo is in good name-company :) He is half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and half terrier-mix(probably). The best way to describe him, though, is one-of-a-kind :)

  7. I used to have nightmares when Kaline was a kitten about her getting out of the house and being in the street in front of a car. Come to think of it, I had terrible dreams about losing my nieces when they were babies. They're all fine now and adults. I haven't had those nightmares about any of them for years.

    I might have to check out Tupperware; it's been years, but they were good quality.

  8. Since you are back to using Blogger commenting, you can always embed it below your posts and still have the threaded reply that I know you miss. Just a suggestion :-)

    Yea football is back!!! You are seriously making me want another puppy around the house. Hubby is not amused!!


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