Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mostly-Wordless Wednesday

Guess what's going on at Tinytown High School this week:

(Please excuse the camera-phone photo quality.)

Today was "Nerd Day," and tomorrow's theme is "The 80's."

Gotta love Homecoming...


  1. Your homecoming looks different than what I remember from mine. Of course that was oh so many years ago!

  2. Hunting day seems like a VERY appropriate theme for this neck of the woods!

  3. Ok I guess that's a portable duck blind. Probably more common in your area than mine. The girls should of dressed like ducks.

  4. make sure you buy a huge can of Aqua Net for the 80's event tomorrow. :)

  5. I am going to sound so wound when you read this and I am really not. I like to have fun with theme days but I hate Nerd Day. I mean really in this day and age of bullying we are asking our students to dress up as a "NERD" I mean what exactly is a Nerd? Someone that studies hard and gets good grades? A person that wears a pocket protector? Someone that wears pants high above their ankles ( I am using these examples because that's what I see most) Why why why are we using this as a theme day? Decade day that seems fine, pj day, it looks like hunting day up there? Favorite team day, MISMATCH DAY, twin day, celebrity day, so many ideas without "making fun" of a certain group. Maybe they aren't making fun but it doesn't seem as "light" as the other days. Ya I know they are in high school, and I should lighten up but Nerd Day has always bothered me. Feel free to delete the comment.

    1. Actually, I also had a fleeting thought about the appropriateness of "nerd day," though the girls all dressed as nerds affectionately, or so it seemed in all of their photos. It's a subject worth discussing, so I won't be deleting your comment. I think I'll ask Kendall what she thinks about your comment, too :)

    2. I am sure a billion people rolled their eyes while reading my comment. Maybe we take PC a little too far maybe we don't take it far enough. I am sure it is a subject worth discussing thanks for not making me feel like a jerk!
      I hope homecoming was fun for the girls the pictures looked great!
      If I could remember my password I would sign in under my blog LOL

    3. Kendall told me today that it was actually "Career Day," and each grade was assigned a career. The seniors were assigned, "Business" (other grades got Agriculture and something else). The seniors put a "nerd" spin on business casual, and I think that's interesting--I guess they didn't want to be taken too seriously during homecoming week?

      If only a billion people read my blog!haha I'm glad you shared your opinion--It was (and still is) thought-provoking.


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