Thursday, October 4, 2012

Puppy Brothers Update

First comparison shot, taken six weeks ago:

Two weeks ago:

Last night:
(Yes, Steve is apparently still a teenager, judging by his posture.)

I've not been coughing as much lately, so I'm thinking I'm not allergic to Steve like I'd feared.
(Thank goodness, because he's pretty stinkin' cute.)


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed that you're not allergic to Steve! You just can't divide that cuteness in half - it would be tragic!

  2. The leg position kills me. So funny!

  3. Wow Steve is huge! Love how they sit and stare are you for the shot....such cuties!

    1. I make it look much easier than it actually me!haha

  4. No, there's no way you could be allergic to that gorgeous lab! I don't dare show this picture to my husband who wants a lab puppy. I don't want to housebreak one though! Yikes!

  5. Steve and Milo. Don't they do drive time mornings on WIXX 101? Cute photos.

  6. I just love your pups. Especially the smaller one. I want that puppy but I swear just looking at them made me sneeze. And now my nose is puffing up as are my eyes. *could actually be the pollen and decaying leaves in my neighborhood as I'm allergic to all that junk too.

  7. So glad that you're not coughing as much ... Steve is just too cute.


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