Thursday, December 20, 2012

Friday Fragments: Episode #228

Mommy's Idea 

It would be way too much pressure to assume that these are my last fragments while on this earth, so I'm going to take the Seriously? tack on this one. If you, however, are a little worried, you could read Five Maya Apocalypse Fears and Why They Won't Come True. And, just in case, why not take this time to free yourself of the fragments buzzing around in your head? Here are mine:

***Snow Day! After a tough start to the week, it's been nice to have a little lightheartedness. I do not enjoy "playing outside" in the snow, but Kendall does and, since I know that this time next year she won't be here to beg me to go outside, I went along with her. Here's our snowman:

***My best friend Molly lost her youngest son Ryan in 2008. Christmas is still tough for her. Although Kendall will be graduating before I know it, I will never disrespect Molly's loss by acting like my last kid going to college is a tragedy. She never had a chance to adjust slowly to her empty nest--It was thrust upon her the fall of Ryan's senior year. I'm praying for those of you with heavy hearts this year.

***As a parent, I really appreciate the way my school district has handled the Sandy Hook tragedy; elementary and middle school teachers were asked not to bring it up but to address individual student questions/concerns privately and or refer them to school counselors. I think that respects parents' rights to control how much their kids know about it and how the information is shared.

***Artie gave me some chocolates and hard candy for Christmas. I'd never tasted Sees Chocolates before; now I feel like I've been spoiled!

***I made my Homemade Hot Chocolate as Christmas gifts for my Difference Makers, as usual.  Since they love it, it took the sting out of having to cancel our Ding Dong Decorate and Ditch outing (due to the storm).

***This is the 125-year-old church in which Mr.4444 and I enjoyed Tinytown High School's band and choir concert last Saturday. Isn't it gorgeous?

***This is the best picture I ever accidentally shot with my mediocre cell phone camera.

I like it.

***I wrote a post this week that means a lot to me; if you haven't read Finding Light in Darkness, I'd appreciate your checking it out. Thanks.

Alrighty then! Now it's your turn to frag!  [If this is your first time, please click on the tab above to learn the ins and outs. Thanks.]


  1. I LOVE your snowman, he's so festive with the hat, scarf, and ski goggles - - - or are those snowmobile goggles?

  2. The church is beautiful. I like your colorful photo and snowman too. How are the puppies doing with the snow?

  3. Wow for a second I thought you were talking about ending your FF hosting. The Mayan calendar - ha - I just read this week that it is just like turning our calendar over to a new year, or the odometer flipping. After I read that, I was disappointed. Had that info been spread around we could all be celebrating another New Year's eve type party. What a waste.
    Hey thanks so much for linking me up. Your are the best hostess around blogland.

    Oh that sad Ryan story does a good reset on the significance of one's problems. Don't get lost in the snow.

  4. Keeping things in perspective is hard but I'm grateful not to have such a hard head that tragedies don't remind me to relax, it's not that serious. You're very kind to think of your friend and her loss.

    I WISH I'd never tasted Sees. We have one in every mall and we have a lot of malls in San Diego, you can't escape them. And then they give you a free piece every time you go in.

    I'm pretty sure that accidental picture you got is of one of Cee-Lo's wild getups.

  5. This has been a tough week, which may be coming through in my "can't get out from underneath myself" posts, but I understand that my grief is not nearly the same and I don't have the right to judge others for how they handle theirs.

    It's windy as all get out here... that how your "blizzard" is hitting us. We have to work right through today. Is it 4 pm yet?

  6. I am not much for all this snow. No yard games at Christmas this year.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours !!!

  7. My heart goes out to all parents who have lost children. I can't imagine how hard this time of year is for them.
    We had a lock-down drill on Tuesday, and one of my Kindergarten students said that a little girl in his room said that if you didn't get where you were suppose to, the bad guy would come in and shoot you. I had nothing to say to that.

  8. I can't imagine what it's like to be a parent and to lose a heart aches for those that have. I think your school handled it as it should. Enjoy your snow and break you deserve it! Happy Friday!

  9. That church is absolutely beautiful.
    I hate being cold and can't even imagine playing in the snow! I love that you're embracing those moments with K. =)
    I agree with you about the way the school handled the tragedy. Good job. Ours increased police presence....that helps, a bit.

  10. What a beautiful church. Love your pictures. Cute snowman too.

  11. Happy Friday Fours, everyone! We are leaving today to visit my husband's family out-of-state for the holidays, so I'm not fragging. I'll be back next week and will stop by your blogs then! Happy Holidays!!!

  12. Holidays are so hard on people who have lost a child.
    Sees--they are magical chocolates. And that church is pretty magnificent.

  13. I grew up on See's Candies and love them! My mom always put a box of caramels in my stocking every year!!!

  14. So sad about your friend's son....we just never know. You're such a good friend to be sensitive to her feelings.

    I love that snowman! We have no snow, but we do have a little chilly weather today.

    Good way to handle the students during this tragic time.

    Oh, that church is gorgeous and I imagine the concert was too!

    Merry Christmas!

  15. The accidental cell phone shot is great. I take those kind of pictures on purpose and you do it without even trying. Ha! I love See's Candy. They make really great peanut brittle, too.

  16. Very good way to handle the tragedy. I think it's great that you got out in the snow to play :-) The accidental pic is pretty darn good ;-) Have you replaced your camera yet or is that a hopeful Christmas present?

  17. hahaha Isn't he something? It seems to me that he's a great example of an average guy who becomes popular simply by virtue of a little talent and a lot of confidence :)

    Every mall, huh? Mr.4444 was just saying we should take a little vacation to San Diego.....!

  18. The church is beautiful and good job on the snow man! I made it, 10 p.m. Now I'm going to bed. Good night.


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